Zarif: Israel's Nukes Real Threat to Middle East, Beyond

Iran's foreign minister has decried Israel’s nukes as a real threat to the Middle East region and the rest of the world, calling for a new focus on the occupying regime’s nuclear arsenal.

In a new post on his official Twitter account on Monday, Mohammad Javad Zarif said although Iran had no nuclear weapons, Israel, which is the sole Middle Eastern country to possess such weapons, continued to “howl” about “fabricated” Iranian “ambitions.”

 “There are at least 80 nuclear warheads stationed in the Middle East. None are in #Iran; rather, they're at the fingertips of a warmonger who howls incessantly about fabricated Iranian ‘ambitions’” the top Iranian diplomat said, according to Press TV.

Daesh Terrorists, Kidnap and Execute Seven Members of Same Family in Iraq's Mosul

The remnants of Daesh terrorists have kidnapped and executed at least seven members of the same family from northern Iraqi city of Mosul, months after the Takfiri terrorist group suffered a defeat in the volatile region.

According to Press TV, Local Iraqi media reported on Monday that the terrorists released video footage purportedly showing the execution of the victims.

Following the brutal incident, Iraqi lawmaker Abdul Rahman Lavezzi urged local residents to cooperate with law enforcement agencies in order to prevent repetition of such incidents.

New Meeting in Bahrain Enhances Normalization between "Israel" and Gulf Regimes

MANAMA, (ST)- An Israeli occupation delegation will take part in the meeting of the World Heritage Committee due to be held in Bahrain between June 24th and July 4th, according to a Bahraini official.

The new move affirms the growing development  of the Israeli entity's relations with the Gulf regimes.

Israeli prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently announced that the relation between "Israel"  and some Arab regimes are witnessing notable development. "It never came to my mind all my lifetime that I will witness such international relations and cooperation between Israel and Arab countries," he tweeted.

Muneer Boushnaqi, World Heritage Consultant at the Bahraini Culture and Antiquities Commission, said in a statement to "Gulf News" website that "an Israeli delegation will attend the meeting because it is an international meeting organized by UNESCO," noting that Bahrain is only hosting the meeting.

UN Says Nearly 5,000 Families Displaced in Yemen’s Hudaydah

The United Nations says nearly 5,000 families have been displaced in Yemen’s western province of Hudaydah, whose capital port city has been under unprecedented attacks by a Saudi-led military coalition and militia loyal to the impoverished country’s former government since June 13.

In a statement released on Sunday, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs said 4,458 households have been displaced from their homes in Hudaydah since June 1.

It added that at least 36 displaced families had already lost their entire livelihood as their farms were damaged in airstrikes by Saudi-led coalition earlier this month.

Zionist Entity Advances Bill Criminalizing Filming Atrocities against Palestinians

Zionist cabinet ministers have authorized a bill that would criminalize filming of the Israeli soldiers' atrocities against the Palestinians while on duty, Press T.V reported.

A ministerial committee which oversees legislation voted in favor of the controversial bill on Sunday.

The bill, sponsored by the Yisrael Beitenu party in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's governing coalition, would subject anyone caught filming or publishing footage "with intent to harm the morale of Israel's soldiers or its inhabitants" to up to five years in prison.