PM Confirms Supporting and Providing Facilities for Investors

Damascus, (ST) - The Syrian Investment Authority (SIA) has started its first working session recently to meet the weekly investment week under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister Eng. Emad Khamis, to discuss directly the problems and obstacles facing investors, the investment process and find the necessary solutions by simplifying the procedures, granting facilities and taking any decisions to activate   investments.

Syrian Economic Dialogue Forum Opened Today

Damascus, (ST)- The Syrian Economic Dialogue Forum entitled "Investing in Agriculture and Industry in the Field of Food Security" will kick off today at the Dama Rose Hotel in Damascus.

The participants in the conference will discuss the reality of the agricultural sector, agricultural industries, investment promotion, the role of small and medium-sized enterprises and finance, with the participation of representatives from ministries of agriculture and agrarian reform, economy, foreign trade, industry and finance, federations of agriculture, trade and industry, exporters and public and private banks.

Syrian-Iranian Business Forum Focuses on Ways to Carry out Joint Projects

The Syrian-Iranian Business Forum, held on Monday in Damascus, focused on mechanisms and ways to carry out joint projects and to participate in the process of reconstruction in Syria. 

Tens of businesmen from Syria and Iran took part in the forum.

Iran's Ambassador to Syria Javad Turk Abadi said during the opening ceremony that several memorandums of understanding on cooperation are being studied by concerned parties from both sides in order to be signed and to find the legal base for joint action.

21 Syrian Companies Participate in Gulfood Exhibition in Dubai

DUBAI- Gulfood Exhibition for Food and Drinks kicked off on Sunday in Dubai with participation of Syria.

According to SANA, 21 Syrian companies specialized in food industries are taking part in the expo, occupaying an area of 207 square meters of the Exhibition. The exhibits includ canned foods, coffee, hot drinks, olive oil, biscuits, desserts dried fruits and spices. In ddition, the Syrian participation includes about ten independent pavilions for the Syrian companies, whose agents are working across the world.

Speaking to SANA, head of the agriculture sector in Syrian Exporters Union Iyad Mohammed emphasized the importance of Syrian companies’ participation through their products in these exhibitions to enable them to sign contracts and big deals, as well as being an opportunity to meet with agents around the world.

Khamis: Syria determined to achieve sustainable development goals for 2030

Damascus - Prime Minister Imad Khamis said on Thursday that the Syrian government is committed to realize the sustainable development and its universal goals for 2030 in light of the national priorities and the developmental initiatives.

“In spite of all challenges and the coercive economic measures imposed on Syria, the government has continued working, according to priorities, to carry out the service and pivotal projects, rehabilitating and maintaining infrastructure and launching the production process in the public and private facilities in addition to securing the basic needs for citizens,” Khamis added in a speech in a meeting at Dar al-Assad for Culture and Arts.

The International Cooperation and Planning Institution in Syria launched today the First National Report for the Sustainable Development.