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"Made in Syria" festival opens in the city of Al-Nabek tomorrow

Damascus (ST): The Damascus Chamber of Industry and its Countryside, in cooperation with the Damascus Countryside Chamber of Commerce, will launch the 116th edition of the monthly shopping festival “Made in Syria” tomorrow  in the Al Nabek Sports Club hall, with the participation of more than a hundred local industrial companies.

The festival includes a group of diverse local industrial companies with their products that meet the needs of the family at reasonable prices that are lower than those in the markets. During the festival, free purchase vouchers are provided to the families of the martyrs, valuable prizes and lottery for gold medals provided by the Damascus Chamber of Industry and its countryside and from the participating companies will also be held.

JCI Lattakia’s “ Trust “ conference for Public Relations Enhances Cooperation between Economic Activities

Under the patronage of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection Ministry, The Junior Chamber International  (JCI)  in Lattakia organized  “ Trust for Public Relations” conference under the slogan “ Together we rise”.

The event  formed  an open-dialogue forum that brought together representatives of public and private economic activities  in the city of Lattakia  and  provided an opportunity for exchanging views on successful experiences in the field of public relations and means of consolidating them .

Syriatimes e-newspaper attended the conference and met a number of participants and organizers. 

Water projects in the countryside of Aleppo and Raqqa increase are of agriculture lands

On March 28th, the Minister of Water Resources Dr. Tamam Raad toured the countryside of Raqqa and Aleppo and visited a number of water projects. 

During the tour, the minister checked the work in the Maskan Sharq project, 100kms eastern Aleppo cityand the ninth farm project in Raqqa countryside, which was damaged and sabotaged by terrorism

Minister Raad visited Al-Assad facility project in the countryside of Manbi and the MaskanahWest project, which irrigates 35 thousand hectares of land in the eastern countryside of Aleppo

Minister Raad toured the Jab Ghabsha project, which provides irrigation water for the lands of 28 villages as a first stage. 

Minister Raad said that the Maskanah Sharq project irrigates ten thousand hectares in the governorate of Aleppo and seven thousand and five hundred hectares in the governorateof Raqqa

Minister Raad indicated that the Al-Assad facility project in Manbij countryside irrigates 17 thousand hectares of land, and its maintenance is done through a contract with the General Company for Water Projects, at a value of about 265 million pounds

He added that the Maskanah West project provides the necessary irrigation water for 35 thousand hectares of land. 

Director of Operation and Maintenance in the Upper Euphrates Basin Engineer Abd Al-Wahhab Ghadban said that the ninth farm project, was destroyed by terrorism

Engineer, Anas Abu Dan, in charge of running the work of the Water Corporation in Aleppo, mentioned that the project in the village of Tal Maksour feeds 50 villages, including Jab Ghabsha, Al-Seen and its surroundingsThe approximate value of the project is 4 billion pounds.

The salary of a Syrian employee meets needs for a few days due to sanctions and the theft of Syria ‘ s resources by US

One of the facts that no one, inside Syria or abroad, can deny is that the Syrian state has abided by paying the salaries of public sector employees on time and every month despite western sanctions and the 10-year- long war on Syria. 
The monthly salary of employees has been a red line that was never approached regardless  of the fact that the average salary of a Syrian government employee now only meets the needs of the employees’ family for a few days because of unprecedented rise in the price of basic items.

New improvement of exchange rate of Syrian pound against US dollar

The markets recorded a new and better exchange rate on Saturday, as the value of the Syrian pound rose by 10%, financial and economic sources in the markets told “Al-Watan” daily.

The Syrian pound has improved by 10% within hours, and about 40% compared to the record low it reached 10 days ago, after strict measures taken by the state.

The demand for the Syrian pound is very high during the past few days, which is likely to lead to a further improvement in the exchange rate of the Syrian pound.

According to sources in the Ministry of Supply, commodity prices have also started to gradually decrease. The Minister of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection confirmed in an interview with Al-Watan daily that this week, prices will witness a tangible decrease as a result of the improvement in the value of the Syrian pound.

Inas Abdulkareem