Small and medium projects are given top priority

Damascus (ST): Special attention has been accorded to small and medium projects, especially in obtaining guarantees by the Establishment of Insurance against the Danger of Loans.

Director of the Establishment Ma'amoun Katbeh said that small and medium projects constitute more than 95% of the total number of projects in Syria, adding that his Establishment has been working to ensure funding for these projects which have economic feasibility and marketing capabilities.

The Turkish lira reaches a new low against the dollar

Istanbul, (ST) - The Turkish lira touched a new record low against the dollar today.

Reuters reported that the Turkish lira reached a record low of 7, 8,450 against the dollar, retreating from a close of 7, 81 yesterday.

The Turkish lira has fallen by about 24 percent since the beginning of this year due to concerns about the depletion of Turkey's foreign exchange reserves and negative interest rates.

The Turkish lira fell yesterday to 1.6 percent, the worst decline since last month, to become one of the worst performing currencies in the world.

The Turkish currency continues to deteriorate due to the deteriorating political and security conditions in the country as a result of the Erdogan regime's policies and repressive measures that led to a decline in tourism and investments and a decrease in the country's foreign exchange earnings.

Raghda Sawas

After it reopened , the entry of 65 trucks stranded at the Nassib-JaberBorder Crossing into Jordan

On September 27, the transit traffic through the Nassib-JaberBorder Crossing between Syria and Jordan resumed after it  reopened to freight traffic only.

The Crossing closed two weeks ago from the Jordanian side.

The Director of Daraa transport, engineer Muhib al-Rifai, stated that 65 trucks and refrigerated trucks carrying vegetables and fruits entered Jordan after the crossing opened, and there are still 235 trucks and refrigerators stuck waiting to enter.

Determination of the draft state budget for the year 2021 and spending trends of 8500 billion pounds

The Supreme Council for Economic and Social Planning, in its meeting on September 27  chaired by Prime MinisterEng. Hussein Arnous, , approved the initial appropriations for the draft state budget and spending trends in all ministries for the year 2021 with 8500 billion Syrian pounds in the investment and current sectors compared to 4000 billion for the 2020 budget.

Social support allocations in the draft budget amounted to 3500 billion pounds, distributed on subsidies for food,  flour and oil derivatives, the National Fund for Social Aid and the Agricultural Production Support Fund.

Made in Syria" festival kicks off in Tichrin Sports City"

Damascus (ST): With the participation of 100 national industrial companies from various sectors, the activities of the monthly marketing festival " Made in Syria " kicked off at Tichrin Sports  City.

Organized by the Industrial Chamber in Damascus and its Countryside, the festival displays about 7000 kinds of detergents, food materials and convertible products.

In a press statement, Deputy Industry Minister Engineer Bashar Zaghlouleh said that the event is considered a positive contribution to break the cycle  between the producer and consumer and an opportunity for competitiveness which positively reflects on lowering prices, stressing the key role played by the private sector as a partner in the industrial development.