Damascus International Fair Brings Together 30 Countries in its 61st Session

Damascus-The number of countries that to participate in the Damascus International Fair in its 61st Session has reached 30 countries so far. The number of reserved spaces exceeded 95,000 square meters, which is the largest area achieved since the first session in the fifties.

The Director of the General Foundation for International Exhibitions and Markets (GFIEM), Ghassan Al-Fakiani, said in a statement to SANA today that the 61st session of Damascus International Fair, which carries the slogan " From Syria to the World", enjoys a wide international participation, which confirms the strength of Syria and its international position, especially in the economic and investment fields.

Mr. Fakiani said that before the start of the Fair, the management of the GFIEM works to complete the equipment and finalize the pavilions, pointing out the completion of the processing work for the Syrian pavilion and start handing over the pavilions to the participants to prepare their pavilions in their final form and the accessing of their goods from private gates.

The total area of the exhibition city, which opened in 2003 at its new headquarters on the international airport road, is 1.2 million square meters. The total area of the exhibition is 83,000 square meters and the exposed exhibition space is 150 thousand square meters.

In the presence of specialized exhibitions in the Fair, Mr. Al-Fakiani said that they will include banks, insurance and agricultural products, Al-Basel Exhibition for creativity and invention, as well as a special pavilion of the traditional crafts. 

"The opening day will be on the 28th of August and will be limited to special invitations, while the exhibition will open its doors to visitors on the 29th of August and continues until 6 September,"Mr. Fakiani added.

The Damascus International Fair is a platform to promote Syrian products and an important opportunity for investment in Syria.

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A Forum to Introduce Investment Opportunities and Trade in Syria

Tehran- The activities of the forum to introduce the investment opportunities and trade in Syria with the participation of dozens of Iranian economic companies were opened in the Iranian capital, Tehran.

The head of the Syrian delegation, who is Deputy of the Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade for Economic Development and International Economic Relations, Rania Kheder Ahmed, said in a speech during the meeting that the Syrian government has focused its efforts on supporting and enabling economic recovery through securing all elements of the re-production wheel rotation, the continuity of the production process and the mobilization of resources so as to contribute to the restoration of growth and development.

The meeting was attended by the Iranian side, advisor to the First Vice-President of Iran, Chairman of the Committee for Development of Syrian-Iranian Economic Relations, Hassan Danai, Trade and Exports of the Ministry of Industry, Minerals and Trade and representatives of dozens of Iranian commercial, economic and investment companies.

She pointed out that the government is continuing to work on the preparation of a development program for Syria after the war and a new investment law in addition to the law of partnership and the program of substitution of imports and stimulate the private sector.

She also stressed the importance of achieving a large presence of Iranian companies in the Syrian investment arena and in reconstruction, calling on Iranian companies and businessmen to participate effectively in the Damascus International Fair and in the reconstruction exhibition.

"Iran is ready to cooperate with the Syrian side and achieve various investment projects in various sectors," said Mohammad Reza Moudoudi, head of Iran's Export and Trade Development Organization. "Syria offers the best opportunity for investment and trade.

The Iranian companies will participate very effectively in the Damascus International Fair and other exhibitions in Syria, and expressed readiness to provide various forms of support for Iranian companies in this regard, Mr. Moudoudi added.

For his part, the Syrian ambassador in Tehran, Dr. Adnan Mahmoud said in a speech that the convening of this investment meeting in Tehran reflects the will of the Syrian and Iranian governments to enhance economic, trade and investment relations between the two countries and it is an important opportunity to identify the areas of investment and possibilities available in Syria to contribute to the rehabilitation of productive sectors, pointing out that the Syrian government provides all necessary facilities for companies in the private and government sectors to contribute to investment projects.

The Director General of the Syrian Investment Authority, Madyan Diab, said that there are many opportunities to invest in Syria, especially in the field of infrastructure and manufacturing industries, noting that this forum highlights the policies and directions adopted by the Syrian government to encourage investment.

During the meeting, Mr. Diab presented a range of opportunities in the industrial sector in both its transformational and extractive sectors and in the energy and renewable energy sector. He also explained the mechanism and controls of the work of the Investment Authority in Syria for foreign companies.

Director-General of the General Organization for Free Zones in Syria, Iyad Koussa stressed the importance of the forum in promoting joint investments and gave a detailed presentation on the free zones in Syria and the role it plays in promoting trade exchange.

For his part, Tamer Yaghi, Director of Al Basheq for Exhibitions and Conferences, pointed to the importance of the forum in introducing the possibilities and opportunities available for investment in Syria, considering that the active participation in the exhibitions held by Syria will allow the Iranian side to view the needs and requirements of the Syrian market and meet with the Syrian side and achieve investment partnerships that benefit both sides. .

During the meeting, a large meeting was held with the Syrian delegation and representatives of dozens of Iranian economic, productive and investment companies during which the Syrian side answered the questions and inquiries of the Iranian side regarding everything related to investing in Syria and facilitating the successful partnerships between the two sides.

In a statement to SANA on the sidelines of the forum, the Advisor to the First Vice President of Iran, Chairman of the Committee for the Development of Syrian-Iranian Economic Relations, Hassan Dana'i, affirmed the importance of the Damascus International Fair in its 61st session to devote the return of Syria to its development under the unfair economic measures.

He stressed that the participation of Iran this year in the Damascus International Fair will be more effective and will bear great significance and will result from the meetings that will get on the sidelines of the exhibition very good results in the promotion of economic cooperation and trade exchange between the two countries.

Meanwhile, a number of representatives of Iranian companies working in the field of building materials, cement and plastic materials in similar statements expressed their desire to participate actively in the Damascus International Fair, expressing the hope that the exhibition will be an opportunity to present their products and marketing in Syria.

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ACSAD Delivers The First Phase of The Land Use Map in Sudan

DAMASCUS- The Arab Center for the Studies of Arid Zones and Dry Lands (ACSAD) and the Sudan Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry signed a memorandum on the receipt of the first phase of the "100 million hectares of optimal land use project of the Republic of Sudan" implemented by ACSAD in cooperation with the concerned Sudanese authorities in the fields of agriculture and irrigation.

The memorandum was signed by the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry of the Republic of Sudan, Eng. Babeker Othman Mohamed Ali, and the Director General of ACSAD, Dr. Rafiq Ali Saleh.

Dr. Saleh said that the phase that has been implemented includes the states of Khartoum, Nile and the North, pointing out that the studied areas in these states is about 40 million hectares.

He pointed out that the study includes the reality of livestock, vegetation cover, cultivated crops, fruit trees, pastures and forests, noting that the study has developed a vision for the future investment in these states.

Mr. Saleh said the study included the preparation of more than 600 maps of the regions of these states.

For his part, the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry of Sudan highlighted this great scientific achievement, expressing Sudan's appreciation for the projects already carried out by ACSAD in the areas of wheat, barley, maize, conservation agriculture and livestock development, especially sheep, goats and camels also in the fields of palm cultivation development and water resources studies Water Resources.

He pointed to the role played by ACSAD in the implementation of agricultural development projects in different regions in Sudan, pointing out that ACSAD, which seeks to achieve Arab food and water security, has in recent years become one of the most important Arab joint action organizations.

The Sudanese delegation headed by the Minister of Agriculture ended a week-visit to the headquarters of the center of the ACSAD in Damascus, during which he toured the stations of ACSAD in Homs, Banias and Lattakia.

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New strategic industrial ventures with Iran

Syrian sources revealed new agreements with Iran that aim at setting up important industrial factories including ones for cars, baby milk, cancer medicine,   electric equipment, import and export fields, gas and infrastructure, construction and solar energy.

Secretary of the Syrian Iranian Chamber of Commerce Mosan Nahhas affirmed to al-Wattan newspaper that the agreements with Iran to set up factories for baby milk, cancer medicine and cars will be signed in the coming few days, specifically before Adha Eid. Also ventures in building will be put into action. Nahhas pointed out that Iran is able to build a 5-floor building during one month and this is what Syria needs.

Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources is to participate in the Damascus International Fair

(ST) - On August 4, the Syrian Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources announced its participation in the 61st Damascus International Fair scheduled to be held from August 28 to September 6.

“ The Ministry’s pavilion for the coming, 61st Damascus International Fair, will be distinguished in showing  the important role of the ministry and its future vision and services in its three sectors, oil, refinery oil process and distribution of oil products. The ministry will use modern visual aids to illustrate the self –reliance production process and reform plans,” theMinistry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources’ Press Officer Akhel Eid said to Syria Times.

“I can say the Ministry’s pavilion will be one of the largest pavilions and will present short films and sculptures on the Ministry’s companies and projects,” Akhel Eid added.

In early June, the Syrian Public Establishment for Fairs and Exhibitions’ General Director Ghassan al-Fakiani  announced that the booked squares in the Fair reached to 78733 square meters  and there are 15 states including Russia, China, Iran, India, Lebanon, Iraq, Algeria, Oman, United Arab Emirates  and others.


Reported by Obaida al-Mohammad