Miqdad: US occupation forces must withdraw from Syria

New York (ST): Foreign and Expatriates Minister Dr. Faisal Miqdad, affirmed that the United States is obligated to withdraw its forces from Syria.

Miqdad told Russia 24 TV channel: "The presence of US forces in Syria is illegal and they should leave as soon as possible."

Mikdad added that if they don't, they will end up the same as in Afghanistan or any other country.

Miqdad and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov stressed during their meeting yesterday in New York the need to end the illegal foreign presence on Syrian territory and to continue fighting terrorism until its complete elimination and the lifting of unilateral coercive measures on Syria. 


An armed member of the (SDF) militia killed by gunfire in Deir Ezzour countryside

Deir Ezzour (ST): A gunman from the “SDF” militia backed by the American occupation forces was shot dead in the city of Al-Busaira in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzour.

Local sources said that "popular factions directly fired at one of the SDF militiamen near the park in the city of Al-Busaira, east of Deir Ezzour, killing him instantly."

Attacks continue on the movements and locations of the SDF militiamen within their areas of deployment in the Syrian Jazira due to their terrorist practices and theft of national wealth in cooperation with the American occupation forces and depriving the people of them, as dozens of them were killed and injured during the past weeks in the areas occupied by the militia in the Syrian Jazira.


Deir Ezzour: Re farming agricultural lands in areas liberated from terrorism to production

Deir Ezzour: The Minister of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform, Eng. Muhammad Hassan Qatna, was briefed during a field tour to Deir Ezzour governorate about the areas planted with strategic crops, and the problems and difficulties that the agricultural process suffers in general, in addition to the reality of livestock in the governorate. 

Minister Qatna's tour included a visit to the field school, the food processing center in the Al-Baghilia neighborhood, the adoption center for fodder, and a meeting with a number of sheep breeders and farmers in the cotton and cornfields, in addition to holding an expanded meeting for the agricultural council in the governorate.

The farmers’ demands focused on securing production requirements such as fertilizers and fuels, securing irrigation water and electric motors to draw irrigation water from the Euphrates River, helping in insect control, treating cotton seed germination rates, establishing a corn dryer in the governorate, and increasing the allocations of rationed fodder in light of the scarcity of pastures.

Qatna explained that the ministry is working to return agricultural lands in the areas liberated from terrorism to the production process and to include it in the agricultural plan and to provide support and production requirements to farmers in those areas to help them continue and settle in their villages and lands, pointing out that all production requirements have been secured. 

Qatna indicated that the support for the prices of production requirements will be around 15 percent of their market price.

The Minister of Agriculture noted that the available quantities of fuel are secured to irrigate these crops in cooperation with the fuel committee in the governorate, indicating that all expenses incurred by the farmer will be noted during the setting of crop prices.


Al-Miqdad holds talks with Lavrov in New York

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Faysal Al-Miqdad, discussed on Thursday with his Russian counterpart, Sergey Lavrov, various issues related to enhancing the distinguished bilateral relations between the two friendly countries at political and economic levels which witnessed a new momentum through the recent summit held between Presidents Bashar Al-Assad and Vladimir Putin in Moscow.
The two ministers underscored the need to press ahead with developing the bilateral relations, according to the Syrian News Agency (SANA).

Al-Miqdad: Terrorism, coercive measures are the main world challenges

In the presence of 18 foreign ministers, the Syrian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Faysal Al-Miqdad participated in the 1st ministerial meeting of “the Group of Friends in Defense of the Charter of the United Nations” that was held on Thursday. 
Al-Miqdad referred in his speech to the challenges that face a number of member countries including Syria, mainly the spread of terrorism which is supported by some UN member states and the coercive unilateral measures as well as the attempts of intervention in internal affairs in a flagrant violation of UN charter and international law.

Residents of Amouda city protest against SDF militia’s practices

The residents of Amouda city in the northern countryside of Hasakah protested on Thursday against the daily attacks of the US-backed “Syrian Democratic Forces” militia on civilians, and their plunder of the country’s resources under the protection and collusion of the US occupation forces.
According to the Syrian News Agency (SANA), the protesters demanded putting an end of the militia’s hostile practices and the daily kidnappings of young men to force them to fight with their ranks.

Syria regrets that HRC’s meetings have turned into platform for defaming countries

Syria’s permanent representative to the United Nations Office and International Organizations in Geneva, Ambassador Houssam Al-Din Ala has reiterated that the reports of the commission of inquiry on Syria lack objectivity since they abstain  from acknowledging  Syria’s right and duty of liberating its lands and protecting its people from the actions of the occupiers and crimes of  terrorist groups.