Popular factions attack military point affiliated to SDF militia in Deir Ezzour

DEIR EZZOUR, Jan.17, (ST)-Several members of the US-backed “Syrian Democratic Forces” militia were wounded last night when popular factions attacked a military point affiliated to the militia on the outskirts of Al-Namleyeh town in the northern countryside of Deir Ezzour province.

Charity associations distribute humanitarian aid to 155 displaced families in Hasakah

HASAKAH, Jan.16, (ST)-Several civil and charity associations distributed on Sunday humanitarian aid to scores of families, who were displaced from Abo Raseen town and surrounding areas in Hasaka province due to the recent Turkish attacks on them.

According to Director of Labour and Social Affairs Ibrahim Khalaf, humanitarian aid was distributed to 155 displaced families.

Two months after its launching, the Deir el-Zor settlement is witnessing a growing turnout

The settlement process for the people of Deir el-Zor governorate has completed sixty days since it was  launched on November 14th, as the town of Al-Shamitieh in the western countryside is witnessing an increasing turnout from those who wish to settle their status and return to their areas to continue their normal lives.

Dozens of people are going to the town of Al-Shamitiah and settling their status  with ease.

A number of those whose statuses were settled indicated that the settlement was a "great opportunity" that enabled them to return to their normal lives.

US-backed SDF militia impedes the settlement process in Raqqa: Governor

Governor of the Syrian province of Raqqa Abdul Razzaq Khalifa has stressed that the government has provided all administrative and security facilitations to the wanted citizens who seek settling their legal status in Al-Sabkha town in the liberated countryside of Raqqa, but the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) militia impedes this process by placing obstacles in front of the citizens who want to join the settlement process.

The settlement process launched in Raqqa targets gunmen, wanted persons and military service deserters.

Locals in Salhiyeh Harb village in Qamishli prevent US occupation vehicles from entering their village

Assisted by the Syrian Arab Army, the locals in the village of Salhiyeh Harb in Qamishli countryside on Saturday intercepted a convoy of military vehicles affiliated to the US occupation and prevented them from entering their village.

On January 8th, a checkpoint of the Syrian Army intercepted US military vehicles in Tal Tamer town in Hasakah northwestern countryside. The vehicles tried to enter the village of Qubur Al-Gharanjneh, north of Tal Tamer, but the soldiers at the checkpoint prevented them and forced them to retreat and leave the area.

Landmine blast kills a child, injures two others in Deir Ezzor countryside

A land mine, left behind by ISIS terrorists in Tab Harabush area in the city of Deir Ezzor , went off on Saturday, leading to the martyrdom of a child and the injury of two others.

A SANA reporter said that the injured children were taken to the hospital immediately.

Director of Al-Assad Hospital in Deir Ezzor Mamoun Hizeh told SANA that three children were admitted to the hospital after being exposed to a landmine blast, one of them, who is 15-year old, arrived dead.

He added that one of the other two children, a 13-year old, has a serious injury in his belly and eyes, while the other, an 11-year old, has light injuries in different parts of his body.

Turkish occupation renews shelling of citizens houses in Abu Rasin and Tal Tamer towns in Hasakah countryside

The Turkish occupation and its mercenaries on Friday renewed their shelling of the towns of Abu Rasin and Tal Tamer in Hasakah northern countryside.

Local sources told SANA that the Turkish occupation forces as well as the Turkish-backed terrorist groups fired heavy artillery shelling on citizens houses and properties in the villages of Al-Dardara and Al-Aboush in Tal Tamer town and the village of Tal Al-Ward in  Abu Rasin town in Hasakah.

The sources pointed out that some of the locals houses and properties as well as some roads were damaged in the shelling.