Turkey’s water war on Syria

Turkey has deliberately withheld water flow from the Euphrates to Syria, thus stealing the country's share from this river and that caused a water crisis in the north and east of the country. Plus, citizens in the northeastern part of Syria are still suffering from water shortage as the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries repeatedly stop operating Allouk water station near the occupied city of Ras Al-Ayn, thereby cutting off water supplies to Hasakah neighborhoods, threatening around a million people with thirst and damaging the agriculture there.

Syria Times interviewed Dr. Pablo Sapag, a Professor at Madrid Complutense University and author of the book “Syria in Perspective” to shed light on the Turkish aggressive behavior, on the consequences of this inhuman act on the citizens and agriculture in the Syrian Al-Jazira region and on the world’s silence and inaction to pressure Turkey to stop this crime.

 “Turkey’s behavior regarding water issues vis-a-vis Syria is not just humanly irresponsible and cruel but profoundly contrary to international law. It goes also against the very few formal commitments it has previously acquired with Syria on the matter. Even though Turkey is one of the few states that has not signed it, let alone to ratify the 1997 UN Watercourses Convention -in fact it has been stubbornly against it, there are several previous pieces of mandatory international law that clearly regulate the use and share of water by riparian states. The latter is the case of Turkey, Syria and Iraq when talking about the Euphrates and also the Tigris rivers,” Prof. Sapag said, pointing out that Syria and Iraq signed and ratified the 1997 UN Watercourses Convention, but Turkey didn't.

South African National Day for women

South Africa-the country of struggle for freedom, of anti apartheid, of Nelson Mandela and many many heroes .A country rich in its soil ,rich in its sea ,but most of all rich in its people -specially its women.

In South Africa women are celebrated twice-on International Women’s Day and on National Women’s Day.

 Reneva Fourie is a South African political analyst residing in Damascus and she has a lot to say about the topic of women in South Africa

Archbishop Atallah Hanna to ST: International community must not stand idly by as Israeli occupation violates human rights

Archbishop Atallah Hanna of Sebastia for the Greek Orthodox has appealed to the international community to adopt clear and straightforward stances towards the Israeli occupation’s crimes against the Palestinian people. 
In a statement to the Syria Times e-newspaper, the archbishop criticized the weak stances of the so-called the international community towards the Palestinians, who are being attacked and suppressed by the occupation in Al-Quds [Jerusalem] and its neighborhoods.

Ja’fari condemns “Turkification” in North Syria

Part III

Dr. Bashar Al Ja’fari Deputy Foreign Minister denounced  the policy of “Turkification” that Turkey is pursuing in the North of Syria and North West – in the areas that it currently occupies “Turkey has forced the people residing in these areas to trade and do business in the Turkish Lira only -  it is the Turkish flag that flies in the skies of these areas and not the Syrian ones .Schools, streets and squares have been given Turkish names. The industry of fabric making in addition to the machinery needed have all been dismantled and transported to Turkey.” Dr. Ja’fari calls this ‘economic terrorism’ and it is being  practiced by Turkey against Syria.

Turkey’s trade ties with ISIS

Part II

Dr. Bashar Al Ja’fari deputy minister of foreign affairs  confirmed what Turkish Mafioso Bekir said about their being strong trade ties between Turkey and ISIS, saying “the statement of Bekir that the Turkish regime steals our oil, gas and, wheat produce and other resources is true. Let us remember that during the years 2015,2016 stealing Syrian oil was under the direct management and  coordination of the son of Erdogan.”

Russia had also accused the son of Erdogan in 2015 of trading in Syrian oil with ISIS. “Turkey’s  is the main destination for the oil stolen from its legitimate owner, which are Syria and Iraq,” Russia’s Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antinov told journalist “Turkey’s resells this oil. The appalling part about it is that the country’s  top political leadership is involved in the illegal business-President Erdogan and his family.”