Belgian journalist to ST: Western media doesn’t want to allow citizens to check the reality of events in Syria


Well-established cooperation between Middle East’s journalists and citizens who know the reality of events in the region is the key to stop the lies of western media, according to the Belgian journalist and author Mr. Michel Collon , who participated in a symposium held on Saturday in Damascus by Ahfad Achtar Foundation to debate media’s role in the war on Syria.

Mr. Collon, who is visiting Syria for the first time, told the Syriatimes e-newspaper on the sidelines of the activity that he considers the role of Syrian citizens, not only journalists, is very important to tell the truth about the events taking place in Syria before the public opinion in the west because Information is a battle now it is really a war and there are many sources.

“Everyone must engage as soldier to be active on internet, on direct contact with people –in English, French, Arabic, whatever- and try to counter the media lies and try to exchange information even with people who have very bad thoughts about your country,” the journalist stated, indicating the need to change the technique of debate via social media.

“Do not start a debate by saying:  you are right or you are wrong. Start with let us check the facts; let us check what you have been told ; do you know about this.  Exchange experiences about the fact and the causes of these problems and then many people can proceed in the direction of the truth. That would be my suggestion,” Mr. Collon said, referring to the lack of direct information from Syria.

He underscored the need to document the real events because it is very important for Syrian public opinion and western one as well.

“Documentations are not in circulation and we should work in a coordinate manner. Journalist from all countries that are looking for truth could exchange these documents and could bring these documents to people. Really we do not have enough direct information from here.,” the Belgian journalist added.

Mark Taliano’s ‘Voices from Syria” debunks lies fabricated by MSM


Telling the truth about the events taking place in Syria before world public opinion is an uphill battle because the real agenda of the terrorism-backers  who are seeking to destroy the Middle East, must remain unspeakable.

This fact is clarified by the Canadian author Mark Taliano, who wrote a book entitled ‘Voices from Syria’ with a view to shedding light on truth, justice and governing lies in order to expand the reach of global peace and destroy the cancer of terrorism.

“The ‘Global War on Terrorism’ also known as the ‘war on Terror’ is a fraud. It is literally a global war for terror. Empire creates and uses extremist terrorist proxies, including ISIS (also called by its Arabic acronym, Daesh), to advance its geopolitical goals,” Taliano says in his book, indicating that the neoconservative “West” and its allies want to destroy the Middle East so that they can control it.

Peace activist Janice Kortkamp wrote on her FB in November 2016:

FALSE: The Syrian war began when president Bashar al-Assad brutally put down peaceful protests.

TRUE: The Syrian war was planned in earnest by the US since 2005. The Syrian soldiers and police were not even allowed to carry weapons until the ‘peaceful protesters’ had slaughtered several hundreds of police and soldiers.

Foreign tourist to ST: My duty from now on is to share with everyone joyful life I see in Syria

A foreign tourist advices all those who criticize the Syrian government to visit Syria and to see with their own eyes the joyful life in this country even after a more than seven-year long war launched on the country and after all sadness foreign-backed terrorist groups brought to the people’s life.

Mrs. Monica Jankovic, a Brazilian mother of 3 children, plus 13 foreign tourists- 12 French and 1 Swiss - came from France to visit Syria by the end of last month for 10 days in order to share the reality of daily life inside Syria, the cradle of civilization that still enjoys co-existence between Muslims and Christians despite the terror war that targets its civilization, people and army.

“Syrians’ smile says everything. The people has been suffering so much and they welcomed us with open arms, despite what our governments are doing to their country. I felt love and respect from Syrians,” Mrs. Jankovic told me when I met her at ‘Beir Zaman’ hotel in the old city of Damascus.

Canadian analyst to ST: White Helmets are terrorist auxiliaries


Canada’s decision to welcome White Helmets terrorists evacuated from Syria is consistent with Canada’s overall strategy throughout the course of this criminal “Regime Change” war against Syria, a founding member of the United Nations, according to Mark Taliano, the Canadian political analyst and Research Associate at Global research.

Taliano told the Syriatimes e-newspaper that the strategy consists of pretending that the war of aggression using terrorist proxies is “humanitarian” while at the same time supporting all of the terrorists in coordination with a “coalition” that consists of NATO and its allies.

“Some refer to the strategy as a “double game”... Will the consequences of this “double game” imperil Canadians? It is impossible to foresee the future, but these terrorists are “intelligence assets”, and the government will no doubt provide them with adequate remuneration for “services rendered”, he added, raising the question: “ Why would the terrorists bite the hand that feeds them?

The “White Helmets” fit the storyline --- eerily evocative of the colonial supremacist euphemism “White Man’s Burden” --- perfectly. They are presented as the “good guys” in white rescuing humanity from the mythical “brutal dictator”, Taliano asserted. 

British analyst warns about dark and dangerous times for world peace


Over the past days, the Donald Trump Administration’s decision to withdraw from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty, and the killing of the Saudi writer Jamal Khashoggi have become top stories in Mainstream media (MSM). And this attention has raised questions about the consequences of US withdrawal from the treaty and why the killing of one man has set off a louder uproar than other Saudi actions such as the war against Yemen.

To answer these questions, the Syriatimes newspaper interviewed the British publisher and editor of "Politics First" Magazine, Dr. Marcus Papadopoulos, who affirmed that the INF treaty has been dying for the last 17 years on account of America's determination to be the sole superpower in the world by neutralising Russia's strategic nuclear deterrent, ruling out the adoption of arms embargo on Saudi Arabia by EU as this could have a knock-on-effect on the EU’s other business ties with and in investment in Saudi Arabia.

The British political analyst made it clear that when Vladimir Putin came to power in 2000, American policymakers believed - and correctly so - that the new Russian leader would strive to return to Russia its lost superpower status, threatening the American global supremacy that had emerged following the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

“Key to Washington's agenda was confronting Moscow's nuclear arsenal which, at that time in 2000, was the only possession that Russia had which the US had to take note of.  So, with much of Eastern Europe in 2000 either in NATO or on the road to gaining NATO membership, the Americans began to conceive of an American missile defence shield close to Russia's western borders which could firstly, neutralise the Russian strategic nuclear deterrent and secondly, be adapted, in the future, with offensive missiles to target sensitive Russian military, nuclear and civilian installations,” he added, indicating that the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty  signed between Washington and Moscow in 1972 was standing in the way of the American endeavor.

“The Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty prohibited the development of the kind of missile defence systems that Washington had in mind in 2000.  Alas, in 2001, the White House informed the Kremlin that it would be withdrawing from the landmark ABM Treaty,” Dr. Papadopoulos stated.