An opinion article on Swedish daily argues the injustice of sanctions on Syria

With the aim of putting pressure on the Swedish government and informing people in Sweden about the unjust sanctions against Syria, Patrik Paulov and Fadia Restom wrote an opinion article published by Aftonbladet, Swedish biggest daily. 
The article affirmed that the sanctions that have been imposed on Syria since 2011 have hit hard the population, which has suffered greatly from war and terror. 

"You can not fool all the people all the time"

Syria's ambassador to South Africa Ounfoan Al Na'eb highlights the destructive role that Turkey is playing in Syria.In an interview with Syriatimes ,he went over his responses to a South African website.

"I hesitated for a while before writing these lines, at a time when the Corona Pandemic, threatens the world and international efforts are focused to combat the pandemic that threatens humanity as a whole. But the repetitive and continuing crimes of the Turkish Regime, and the major fallacies that were in the article written by Elif Kumoglu Olgen, and published on your site ( 09/03/2020, obliges me, as Ambassador of the Syrian Arab Republic in this dear country to write a few lines to expose the misinformation, through which the author intended to deceive the public opinion in South Africa.

I would also like to refer to my people’s celebration of Mother’s Day, which is celebrated yearly on the 21st of March. On this occasion, I salute the mothers of South Africa and the world, and most specifically the Syrian Mother, who spends her life raising the righteous generation. I bend in respect for these great figures, who have stood upright like trees, deeply rooted in the soil; blooming girls and boys, including the soldier, doctor, engineer and worker, who gave their blood defending Syria. If it was not for the Syrian women, we would not have been able to win the war that has been waged on Syria for more than nine years. Without the support of the Syrian People for their national army, we would not have been victorious over terrorists.

I share with other Syrians from all fragments the love of our country, and the sufferings due to hallucinations and the crimes of our authoritarian neighbouring regime. A regime, which has swollen like a boil, to an extent it started to imagine itself as a giant.

This regime has played and is still playing the largest role in fuelling and managing a vicious war. It opened its arms to thousands of mercenaries and terrorists that it brought from all sides of the world. it facilitated and helped them infiltrate  Syria, for the aim of killing, beheading, robbing, looting and destruction, for no other reason but to fill the pockets of their master in his palace in Ankara.

The author of this article says that Turkey’s presence in Syria is in the interests of the Syrian people. Allow me to list a few of the many  war crimes committed by the Turkish Regime that it considers in the “interests of the Syrians”:

The incubation and protection of terrorist groups including“ Turkistan Islamic Party”,  “ Nour Al- Din Al Zanki Brigades”, and both “Jabhet Al Nusra” (Fateh Al Sham), and “ISIS” which  are designated as terrorist organizations. Here I must remind the author that Al- Baghdadi was killed in a Syrian border village that is under Turkish occupation.

Supplying terrorist organizations with weapons and ammunition to continue destroying infrastructure and services, and showering residential neighbourhoods with rockets and explosive bombs, which led to the martyrdom of tens of thousands of civilians, mostly being women, children and the elderly.

 Terrorists (Tools of the Turkish Regime) have targeted the humanitarian corridors established by the Syrian Arab Army, to prevent civilians from leaving Idlib and using them as human shields.

Turkish Regime forces occupy the territories of an independent sovereign state in a flagrant violation of International Law and the UN Charter, and convert these territories into large barracks for the grouping of terrorists, to be used when and where  needed.

Theft of oil and gas, both directly and indirectly in the Syrian North, and smuggling them to Turkey. An illegal trade with revenues exceeding $ 60 million a month."

German politician to ST: Hezbollah's support for Syrian government in fighting terrorism is against the interests of Israel and US

German politician Dr.  Christian Blex made it clear that the government of his country has banned Hezbollah because this makes it easier for German politics to yield to the political pressures of the USA and Israel. 
In an interview with Syria Times e-newspaper, Dr. Blex said: "Hezbollah's support for the Syrian government in the fight against the Islamist terrorists that are supported by the West-a fact which is withheld from the German public, certainly plays a role here, as it is directed against the interests of Israel and the United States."

Prof. Michel Raimbaud: Sanctions are more barbaric than military confrontations

Since the west deliberately turns a blind eye to the war of sanctions being launched by the United States against Syria and other countries, lifting these sanctions is out of the question, according to the former French diplomat Professor Michel Raimbaud.

Prof. Raimbaud argued that the West’s deliberate ignorance of sanctions is a ‘golden pretext’ for not putting an end to them. “This deception will never cancel the fact that imposing  sanctions on countries is more barbaric  than military confrontation, which is nearing an end.. It is illegal and immoral war. It is a stain on humanity...These sanctions must be lifted immediately and unconditionally. ”

Who can force the United States to lift sanctions?

As sanctions kill, why doesn’t the United Nations do something to stop the sanctions being imposed on Syria? And who can force the United States to lift the sanctions?

This issue is very important and complicated from the viewpoint of Mr. Bahman Azad, Executive Secretary of the US Peace Council, who affirmed to Syria Times e-newspaper that there is no easy answer for these two questions but there are certain points that we need to keep in mind when we ask these questions.