Reconciliation Minister to ST: Establishment of De-Escalation Zones in Syria Paves Way for Reconciliation Deals

Minister of National Reconciliation Affairs Ali Haidar has affirmed that the establishment of de-escalation zones in Syria paves the way for carrying out reconciliation deals there.

Speaking to the Syriatimes e-newspaper on Wednesday, the minister made it clear that there is a problem in understanding the principles put by guarantor countries for the implementation of the cessation of hostilities in the de-escalation zones.

Adnan Azzam to ST: Dialogue with Europeans Necessary To Convey Syria's Viewpoint to Public Opinion

It is necessary to achieve victories in media and culture after the military victories being achieved by Syrian Arab army against terrorism and this requires dialogue with the west in general and the Europeans in particular in order to convince them with Syria’s viewpoint.

This is what the Syrian-French writer Adnan Azzam said in an e-mail interview with Syriatimes newspaper following the symposium held last Saturday at the Damascus Opera House with the participation of French researchers.

The writer made it clear that the official stance of France since the beginning of the war on Syria in 2011 has been absolutely hostile to Syria, or more accurate the most hostile stance in the world.

MP Nora Arissian to ST: Syrian-Armenian Parliamentary Cooperation ‘Essential’ to Convey Syria’s Viewpoint at International Meetings

This year, the Syrian-Armenian Parliamentary relations have witnessed remarkable development to upgrade bilateral ties based on mutual cooperation between the two countries and to explain the reality of events in Syria at international meetings.

The development manifested in the foundation of two Syrian-Armenian parliamentary friendship associations at the Syrian People’s Assembly and in the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia besides the support of the Armenian MPs to Syria at international parliamentary meetings, according to the Syrian Member of Parliament Dr. Nora Arissian.

“The first Syrian-Armenian parliamentary friendship association was founded in March 2017 in the Syrian parliament, while the second association was founded in the Armenian parliament in July 2017,” the MP told the Syriatimes newspaper in an e-mail interview.

Irish politician to ST: The West, EU, US aggravate Syrian people’s suffering by sanctions

Irish politician to ST: It is not up to anybody other than the Syrian people to decide their representation

The Irish politician Clare Daly, who recently visited Syria along with European delegation, has affirmed that the West and the European Union are aggravating the Syrian people’s suffering by sanctions and the U.S. support for Saudi Arabia and Israel in the region.

She has spoken for many times before the Irish parliament about the terrible suffering that the Syrian people have had to endure and she pushed her country’s government to argue in the EU to lift sanction imposed on Syria and to oppose the influence of Israel as well as to stop the west’s facilitation to those who are waging war on Syria.

Sen. Richard Black to ST: U.S. plan to establish a Kurdish nation north of Syria is doomed to failure

Senator Richard H. Black has underscored that the U.S. plan to establish a Kurdish nation called ‘Rojava’ in Raqqa province, located north of Syria, is doomed to failure, indicating that the Tanf pocket will eventually fall back under Syrian army’s control.

He told the Syriatimes e-newspaper via an e-mail interview that the U.S. organized an army of Kurds that vastly expanded their traditional region of control, seizing Syrian supplies of water, oil fields, and the Arab city of Raqqa in an attempt to establish a Kurdish nation called ‘Rojava’.

But this project ‘Rojava’, which is the most successful American attempt at splitting Syria, is doomed to failure because it suffers six weaknesses, according to the senator.