The historic visitors center in Palmyra is put into service after its restoration

The Ministry of Tourism, in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and the Governorate of Homs, put the historic visitors center building in the ancient city of Palmyra into service, after its restoration as a result of the attacks of the terrorist “ISIS” organization, at an estimated cost of 300 million Syrian pounds.

The Ministry of Tourism launches two tourist projects in Tartous City

On September 4th, the Ministry of Tourism launched the Shaheen Tourist Complex project and the Karnak project and wooden huts for popular tourism.

According to a press release by the Ministry of Tourism, the Karnak project provides 100 job opportunities and is being held in cooperation between the Tartous City Council, “the owner of the land” and the Syrian Company for Transport and Tourism, “the investor of the project,”.

The Project cost about two billion Syrian pounds. The project includes 21 wooden chalets treated in a way that resists salinization and natural factors, two concrete chalets, 26 cabins for daily rent, in addition to a restaurant, a beach café, various sports fields, points of sale and public services with rescue points and a medical clinic.

Flight operations between Syria and Armenia will resume next Saturday

DAMASCUS, (ST)_The Ministry of Transportation announced on Thursday that the Aleppo International Airport will receive the first Syrian flight coming from Yerevan, Armenia’s capital, Next Saturday, according to the Syrian News Agency (SANA). 
The agency quoted Director of Civil Aviation in the ministry Basem Mansour as saying the resumption of flights between Syria and Armenia comes within the framework of the agreements signed between the two countries at the beginning of this year. 

The “Citadel and Valley” Festival kicked off in the Homs

Under the title the “Victory Celebration”, the activities of the “Citadel and Wadi” Festival [Al-Qal'a Wa Al-Wadi Festival],  which are being held by Homs Governorate and the Ministries of Tourism and Culture, began yesterday evening in the Wadi al-Nadara region in the western countryside of Homs.

The first day’s activities included the launch of the Syrian and Russian Film Week at the Al-Hawash Private University theater, where “Salwight 7, the Morning Star, the Ghost, My Last Friend, the Icebreaker, the Rain of Homs, a Man and Three Days, Waiting for Autumn , Again, and the Path of Heaven", will be shown throughout   the movie week.

Preparations have begun for the “Victory Celebration” of the “Citadel and Valley” Festival 2021

Under the patronage Prime Minister Hussein Arnous, Homs Governorate, in cooperation with the Ministries of Tourism and Culture, began preparations for the “victory celebration” of the "Citadel and Valley" festival 2021, after it had stopped for a year due to the outbreak of Covid-19  pandemic. 
Homs Governor, Eng. Bassam Parsik, said in a meeting recently held that the “Citadel and Valley”  Festival ["Al-Qal'a Wa Al- Wadi" Festival] constitutes an important cultural, tourist and artistic event at local level.