Foreign tourists visit Palmyra, document the crimes committed by terrorists against Syria's cultural heritage

A group of tourists from different nationalities have visited the historical Syrian city of Palmyra in order to be briefed on its most important archeological landmarks and to document the destruction and vandalism inflicted upon the historical relics and tourist facilities in this city.

Some of the tourists in the group spoke to SANA about their impressions.

Par Shashani, from Canada condemned the destruction of the Syrian archeological and cultural sites which are part of the world cultural heritage, hailing the safe atmosphere he felt during his tour in the city.

 "What the enemies of humanity have done by destroying and looting this cultural heritage is a shame on the world, because the antiquities belong to all humanity," he said, calling on the international cultural organizations to contribute to reconstructing this historical city.

Martini discusses with a Jordanian delegation means of tourism cooperation

Damascus (ST): Minister of Tourism Muhammad Rami Radwan Martini discussed with a delegation from the Jordanian Chamber of Commerce ways to enhance tourism cooperation between the two countries and the most important investment opportunities in Syria.

Rehabilitation of Jableh Cornice begins

Latakia (ST): Jableh City Council has started the rehabilitation works of the Cornice and planting the gardens around it.

Engineer Ahmed Qanadeel, head of the city council, said in a statement to news reporters that the works include rehabilitating and repairing the sea pier, maintaining the pits on the Cornice, removing the accumulations, and maintaining the seats and children’s games there.

Qanadeel indicated that the workshops, in cooperation with the electricians, started to maintain the lighting in the sidewalks, pointing out that the service, maintenance and parks workshops of the City Council are working around the clock to fully rehabilitate the Jableh Cornice.



Ministry of Tourism endeavors in 2021 to activate popular tourism and encourage investments

 The Ministry of Tourism focused its efforts during 2021 on revitalizing the internal and popular tourism movement, encouraging investments, and paying attention to training and rehabilitation to provide the sector with qualified and trained cadres that contribute to the reconstruction phase.

The ministry achieved profits worth 14 billion and 700 million Syrian pounds from its affiliated hotels. The total profits of the Syrian Transport and Tourism Company until the end of last September amounted to about 3 billion Syrian pounds, and the profits of the Syrian Arab Company for Hotels and Tourism amounted to about 1.5 billion Syrian pounds.

Syrian Arab Airlines announced six additional flights to Dubai, starting today

Damascus, (ST) - The Syrian Arab Airlines announced today the operation of additional flights from Damascus to Dubai, in addition to the previously approved flights.

In a statement to SANA, the commercial director of the company, Louay Hassan, said that six additional flights will be operated from Damascus to Dubai on the occasion of Christmas and New Year's Eve. “This matter is to meet the increasing demands of travelers”, he added.