Syrian Musician Issa Fayyad: creativity in Syria never ends and we are able to restore our pioneering role in all arts


The musical heritage of Syria reflects a living history and diverse cultures that transcend politics and current wars.

 Music in Syria is connected to the fabric of the place more than any other place, as Syria is famous for its rich musical heritage  and over thousands of years it has passed through religions  which  have contributed to the diversity of its music.

The Syrian musician Issa Fayyad devoted his   artistic career during  nearly half a century inside his homeland and abroad  to highlight Syrian heritage  and present Syrian identity in Western forums.

The National Union of Syrian Students in Hungary: The need to lift the coercive Western economic measures imposed on the Syrians

On January 10th, the branch of the National Union of Syrian Students in Hungary affirmed that the unilateral coercive economic measures and the unjust blockade imposed by Western countries on Syria must be lifted immediately.

 In a message sent by the students of the Union branch to the representative of the European Union in Hungary, the branch said that these measures imposed under flimsy pretexts to achieve the plans of the Western countries affect all aspects of the Syrian people's lives.

The students stressed the need to expedite the lifting of unjust and coercive economic measures, restore diplomatic relations with Syria and contribute to its reconstruction.

O. al-Mohammad

The Syrian community in the Andalusia region condemns the Israeli attacks

The Syrian community and  students in Andalusia and the Syrian-Spanish Businessmen Association in Spain condemned the ongoing Israeli attacks on Syria, which violate all international norms and conventions.

 “The Zionist entity's continued launching of these attacks comes with the aim of helping the criminal terrorist organizations and raising their collapsed morale in the face of the strikes of the Syrian Arab Army and its achievements in all regions,”the members of the community said in a statement.

Ambassador Dayoub stresses the role of Syrian students in rebuilding what terrorism has destroyed

Tehran, (ST) - The Syrian ambassador to Tehran Dr. Shafiq Dayoub, stressed the important role of Syrian students studying abroad  in order to improve the level of education and to support the scientific sector and academic research in Syria and  contribute in rebuilding what terrorism has destroyed in their homeland, Syria.

During his meeting with a delegation of students headed by the head of the branch of National Union of Syrian Students in Iran, Hussam Salama, at the embassy headquarters in Tehran, Dayoub called on the students to benefit from the distinguished Iranian scientific experiences in various scientific and researchHe also called on Syrian students to work on investing these experiences in the industrial and economic projects in their homeland, the matter which contributes in the process of rebuilding what was destroyed by the terrorist war.

Salama reviewed the works of the branch of National Union of Syrian Students in Iran and its various activities in the cultural and scientific fields in Iranian universities, stressing their importance in promoting cultural and scientific rapprochement between the two countries.

Syrian students in Cuba: Unilateral coercive measures imposed on Syria represent an economic terrorism

Havana (ST):  Syrian students in Cuba have condemned the unilateral coercive economic measures being imposed on their country, demanding that the EU states lift them and work on facilitating the return of Syrian refugees to their homeland.

In a letter handed by the representatives of the leadership of Cuba Branch of the National Union of Syrian Students to the EU embassy in Havana, Syrian students confirmed that the unilateral coercive measures being imposed on Syria by the US and the EU represent economic terrorism that affects the livelihood of the Syrian people.

The students affirmed that most of the displaced Syrians want to return to their homeland, as the Syrian state has arranged the necessary conditions for that, but many countries are obstructing this return through imposing coercive economic measures against the Syrians in their daily lives.