The necessity of investing in the country, says Al-Miqdad to the representatives of Syrian community in Serbia

Belgrade, (ST) - The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates, Dr. Faisal Al-Miqdad met with representatives of the Syrian community, including doctors, industrialists, businessmen and students studying in the Republic of Serbia.

European Solidarity Front for Syria: The October Liberation War has returned dignity to the region

MADRID, (ST)_The European Solidarity Front for Syria in Spain has congratulated Syria on the occasion of the 48th anniversary of the October Liberation War, praising the Syrian army’s historical struggle to restore occupied lands and to break the Israeli hegemony over them. 
According to a statement released on Wednesday , the front said that struggle is the only way to restore dignity and to end injustice when the homeland is under attack. 

Syrian students in Slovakia renew their support for their country in its war against terrorism

Bratislava: (ST): Syrian students studying in Slovakia renewed today their support for their country in its war against terrorism and its tools, and their insistence on continuing their education to actively contribute to the reconstruction process.

On the occasion of the forty-eighth anniversary of the October Liberation War, the Slovak branch of the National Union of Syrian Students said in a statement today that the October Liberation War constituted an historic turning point in the history of the Arab nation and restored to  Arab citizens their confidence in their ability to win.

The statement indicated that the Syrian Arab Army's victories over the Takfiri terrorist organizations constitute an extension of the October victory.

The statement referred to the important and influential role played by Syrian students in the Diaspora in terms of conveying the reality of what is happening in Syria of terrorism and criminality as a result of terrorist organizations and those who support them.


Syrian community in Sweden commemorates October War and Correctionist Movement

The Syrian community in Sweden commemorated the anniversary of the October Liberation War and the Correctionist  Movement through a celebration organized by the National Union of Syrian Expatriates in Sweden and Europe at the People’s House Center in the Halunda area in Stockholm.

The Chargé d’Affairs, Counselor Minister Dr. Tamim Malko, stressed in a speech during the celebration that the October liberation war was one of the most important achievements of the Correctionist Movement that restored the Arabs’ confidence in their abilities and raised awareness of Syria’s steadfastness and resistance.

Malko noted that Syria's steadfastness and its patriotic  stances prompted its enemies to mobilize their energies, money, mercenaries and media to launch a barbaric terrorist war targeting a state and people.

Syrian local style is present in paintings of expatriate artist Bahjat Dahoud

Overwhelmed by the longing for art and the desire to return to it again after spending a quarter of a century overseas, the artist Bahjat Elias Dahoud participated in the international exhibition in Spain, which was hosted by the “Mérendas” Historical Museum in the city of “Medina de Pomar”.