Hen harriers 'vanishing due to illegal killing'

Hen harriers are disappearing on English grouse moors due to illegal killing, according to a scientific study.
The birds of prey are one of England's rarest birds, and a protected species.
Data gathered over a decade found satellite-tagged hen harriers were ten times more likely to die or vanish when they were on or near areas used for shooting, according to BBC.
Researchers say there is no plausible explanation other than illegal killing.
The analyses "confirm what has long been suspected - that illegal persecution is having a major impact on the conservation status of this bird," said co-researcher Stephen Murphy from the wildlife body, Natural England.

Scientists grow 'mini BRAINS' striving to cure motor neuron disease

Mini brains have been grown in a lab by scientists striving to cure motor neuron disease. 

The tiny organoid - approximately the size of a lentil - was made of connected human brain cells, according to Daily Mail.

It was then able to create connections with nearby spinal cord and muscular tissue. 

Scientists say they were able to see it spontaneously merge with the spinal cord of the animal while also contracting the muscles. 

Japanese astronomers discover 83 quasars created up to 13 BILLION years

Japanese astronomers discover 83 quasars created up to 13 BILLION years ago and two discs of space dust circling around a distant Sun-like star where new planets may be forming

Japanese astronomers have made two new discoveries using some of the most powerful telescopes in the world, according to Daily Mail. 

The Subaru Telescope in Hawaii discovered 83 quasars powered by supermassive black holes (SMBHs) in the early universe.

Another team of experts used ALMA, located in Chile, and found sites where young planets may in two discs of space dust orbiting a young star similar to our Sun.

An Important Scientific Precedent for Syrian Researchers at the Global Level in the Field of Energy

An Optimal Photovoltaic Conversion System for Future Smart Grids

Scientific research related to environment affairs has received great attention at present due to the importance of preserving Earth from the different pollutants that cause the global warming. Therefore, specialists and researchers sought to generate electricity depending on other sources which are different from those existed in the ground. These sources are derived mainly from the sources of energy which are available in nature such as wind and sun. These natural resources are considered Energy-efficient, inexpensive and do not cause pollution to the environment.

That's FarFarOut, Most distant object in the solar system is spotted by scientists more than 140 times farther from the sun than Earth

The most distant object in the solar system has been spotted by scientists in the depths of space - far beyond Pluto.

The faint object is located approximately 140 times further away from the sun than the distance between our star and Earth - known as an astronomical unit (AU).

It has been dubbed 'FarFarOut' by its discoverers who admit to knowing very little about the object they accidentally discovered while searching for Planet X, according to Daily Mail.