In The Loving Memory of Our Heroes



Abdullah Abdul Haleem  al-Younes.

Date of Birth : 1989.

Date of Martyrdom : Feb. 23, 2012.

Civil  Status : Single.














Ali Mahmoud Wannous.

Date of Birth : 1964.

Date of Martyrdom : Dec. 29, 2011.

Civil Status : Married.











Imad Abdul Haleem  al-Younes.

Date of Birth : 1988.

Date of Martyrdom : May.  4,  2012.

Civil Status : Single.






Ghiath  Yousef  Makhlouf.

Date of Birth : 1971.

Date of Martyrdom : Oct. 15, 2011.

Civil Status : Married.












Journalist Naji Ahmad Asa'ad.

Date of Birth : 1951.

Date of Martyrdom : Dec. 4, 2012.

Civil Status: Married.











Wael  Ahmad Makhlouf.

Date of Birth : 1976.

Date of Martyrdom : June. 17,  2012.

Civil  Status : Married.










Aktham  Ali  Ahmad

Date of Birth : 1983

Date of Martyrdom : Nov. 14, 2012

Civil  Status : Married











Fouad  al-Hajli

Date of Birth : 1970

Date of Martyrdom : Oct. 14, 2012

Civil  Status : Married











Hana  MtaniousHadad

Date of Birth : 1982

Date of Martyrdom : Oct. 12, 2012

Civil  Status : Married








Date of Birth : 1982

Date of Martyrdom : Oct. 14, 2012

Civil  Status : Single











Moufeed  al-Showmari

Date of Birth : 1965

Date of Martyrdom : Aug. 12, 2012

Civil  Status : Married











Omran  al-Arbeed

Date of Birth : 1992

Date of Martyrdom : Oct. 23, 2012

Civil  Status : Single











Tarek  SafiNaser

Date of Birth : 1983

Date of Martyrdom : Nov. 11, 2012

Civil  Status : Single


In The Loving Memory of Our Heroes

Adnan  Zahr  al-deen.

Date  of  Birth :  1956.

Date  of  Martyrdom : Aug.  9, 2012.

 The  Martyr's  Family  : " we  are  all  martyrdom  projects".







Alaa'  Majed  Zaher.

Date  of  birth :1985.

Date  of  Martyrdom : Aug. 5, 2012.

Social  Status : Single.










Dyaa  Hboos.

Date  of  Birth:  1991.

Date  of  Martyrdom: April.  16, 2012.

The  Martyr's Family:  " the  victory  is  so  close , it  will  be  achieved  sooner  by  the help  of  God." 







Fadel  Abo  Ali  Mhna.

Date  of  Birth: 1967.

Date  of  Martyrdom:  June.  14, 2012.

        The  Martyr's  Family:  "to  stand  hand in hand  with  the  hero  Syrian  Arab  army  is  the  main  goal  to  defeat  all  terrorists  and  break  their  thorn  at  home  and  abroad."







Hadi  al-Sahnawi.

Date  of  Birth: 1991.

Date  of  Martyrdom:  July.  29, 2012.

The  Martyr's Family :" Salute to Our Armed Forces Men".








Homam  Salman  Khadour.

Date  of  Birth : 1989.

Date  of  Martyrdom : May. 5,  2012.

Social  Status : Single. 











Nofal  Mohamed  Shahoud.

Date  of  Birth : 1980.

Date   of  Martyrdom : Oct. 1, 2012.

Social  Status : Married.







Rami  al-Showfi.

Date  of  Birth : 1984.

Date  of  martyrdom : July. 25,  2012.

Social  Status : married.









Sami  Sahnawi.

Date  of  Birth: 1990.

Date  of  Martyrdom:  June.  4,  2012.

       , The  Martyr's  Family:" may  his  soul  rest  in  peace

 our  son  and  all  honorable  martyrs  of  the  nation."










Shadi  al-Halabi.

Date  of  Birth : 1974.

Date  of  Martyrdom : Aug. 5, 2012.

Social  Status : Married.












Thaer  Abo  Shakra.

Date  of  Birth : 1989.

Date  of  Martyrdom : July.  23,  2012.

Social  Status : Single.











Yaser  Ali  Dergham.

Date  of  Birth : 1983.

Date  of  Martyrdom : July. 25, 2012.

Social  Status : Married.











Youssef  Hassan  Shahoud.

Date  of  Birth : 1979.

Date  of  Martyrdom : Aug. 11, 2012.

Social  Status : Married.














Ali Mohammed Housen.

Date of Birth : 1991.

Date of Martyrdom : July. 12, 2012.

Social Status : Single.










Hasan  abd-Alrahman Mohammed.

Date of Birth : 1990.

Date of Martyrdom : Aug. 20, 2012.

Social Status : single.









Hatem Mohammed Aboud.

Date of Birth : 1984.

Date of Martyrdom : April. 23,  2011.

Social Status : Married.









Kotaiba Khalil Youseef.

Date of Birth : July. 27, 1987.

Date of Martyrdom : Sep. 24, 2012.

Social Status : Single.









Mohammed Ahmad Hasan.

Date of Birth : Aug. 6, 1966.

Date of Martyrdom : Aug. 12, 2012.

Social Status : Married.









Rami  Ali Swedan.

Date of Birth : Aug. 14, 2012.

Date of Martyrdom : July. 27,  1984.

Social Status : Single.












Saleem Mohammed Atieh.

Date of Birth :May. 1,  1966.

Date of Martyrdom : Sep. 10,2012.

Social Status : Married.











Samer Housen.

Date of Birth : Jan. 15, 1969.

Date of Martyrdom : Oct. 14, 2012.

Social Status : Married.











Shadi Ezzat Hasan.

Date of Birth : Feb. 4, 1988.

Date of Martyrdom : Aug. 11, 2012.

Social Status : Single.









Waseem Tawfiq Samoa'.

Date of Birth : Jan. 23, 1988.

Date of Martyrdom : Aug. 5, 2012.

Social Status : Single.













Youssef Ahmad Hassan.

Date of Birth : Aug. 2, 1970.

Date of Martyrdom : Oct. 26, 2012.

Social Status : Married.






Ahmad Ali Al-mhamed

Date of Birth:1986

Date of Martyrdom: March 20 ,  2012

The Martyr's Family underlined that  History will record honesty, dignity and sacrifice from generation to another.

















Drgham Fisal Al-younis

Date of Birth: 1973

Date of Martyrdom: July 9, 2012

The Martyr's Family said that ''only honest Syrians adore their

Homeland and refuse humiliation. ''















Taghred Hamdan

An armed  terrorists  group  assassinate the martyr on  May 31, 2012.

Date of Birth :15 Feb.1976









Yousef Drgam Mansour

Date of Martyrdom: Nov. 2, 2011

The Family of the martyr: ''To protect Syria is a holy duty,

 Syria will not be a doll in American hands.''









Actor Mohamed  Rafea

Date and place of birth:  1982

Date of martyrdom: Nov.  2012

His works: The most famous T.V. series Bab Al-hara

Parts( 1,2,3)  by  the  name  of  Ibrahim.

The martyrs family: '' the Syrian-Palestinian  unity  will  defeat  the sinister foreign  scheme.''











Anwar Al-kafri

Date of Birth: 1981

Date of Martyrdom:Sep. 9, 2012.

Social  status : Single










Abd Alkarem Alsalamah

Date of Birth: 1984

Date of martyrdom: July. 9, 2012.

Social status: married.









Basel Raya

Sport Martyr

The basketball he bears causes fears to the terrorists  who  assassinate him in a cold blood.

Date  of  Birth:  Oct. 24, 1979.

Date of martyrdom : May.3, 2012









Feras  Al-shamas

Date  of  Birth: 1970.

Date  of  Martyrdom: July. 19,  2012.

Social  Status:  married.











Nedal Shakouf

Date of Birth: 1974

Date of Martyrdom: April 28,  2011.

Social Status: married.












Omar Ghanam

Date of Birth: 1984.

Date of Martyrdom: Feb. 8, 2012.

Social Status: married.












Ammar  Al-hamad.

Date  of  Birth : 1993.

Date  of  Martyrdom : Sep.  16, 2012.

Social  Status : Single.









Basem  Al-khateb  Al-kintar.

Date  of  Birth : 1980.

Date  of  Martyrdom : May. 20, 2012 .

Social  Status : Married.







Omran Hnidi.

Date  of  Birth : 1988.

Date  of  Martyrdom : June.  7, 2012.

Social  status: Single.








Osama  Mohsen.

Date of Birth : 1971.

Date of Martyrdom : Oct. 12, 2012.

Social  Status : Married.






Saleh  Al-sha'er.

Date  of  Birth: 1992.

Date  of  martyrdom: Aug. 6, 2012.

Social  Status: single








Sameer  Al-taweel.

Date  of  Birth : 1977.

Date   of  Martyrdom : June. 26. 2012.

Social  Status : Married.



Abd  al-Hadi  Housen.

Date   of  Birth : 1960.

Date  of  Martyrdom : Aug. 29, 2012.

Social  Status : Married.





















In The Loving Memory of Our Heroes










by Hanan Shamout


Martyrs of the National Security Headquarters in Damascus on July 18, 2012

In execution of a foreign sinister scheme by some, unfortunately, Arab, regional and world countries, and in support to   Israel and America, as to weaken, destabilize, and fragment Syria, a terrorist attack  targeted National Security Headquarters in Damascus on July 18  2012. The heinous terrorist attack led to the martyrdom of Defence Minister General Abdullah Daoud Rajha, his deputy General Assef  Shawkat, General Hassan Turkmani, and General Hisham Al-Ikhtyar. The terrorist attack, according to some analysts, carried the fingerprints of a Qatari-Saudi-Turkish- US and Israeli conspiracy as to assassinate military, scientific and intellectual elites of high symbols of the country.

 Some traitors, mercenaries and armed terrorist conspirators carried out the assassination of the four Syrian Leaders in a bid to destroy, but in vain, our beloved country and to spread chaos. However, Syria was, and is still, and will remain strong, steadfast in the face of all conspirators who try to play with its security, stability, and welfare.


General Dawoud Abdallah Rajha

Defence Minister of the Syrian Arab Republic and a Former Chief of staff of the Syrian Arab Army.

Rajha  was born in Damascus  1947. He was an artillery specialist in the military academy, from which he graduated in 1967.

He attained the rank of General in 1998 .











General Assef Shawkat

Deputy-Minister of Defence from September 2011 until his martyrdom  in July 2012. Born: January 1950 in Al-Madehleh, Tartus,








General Hasan Turkmani


He was assassinated on 18 July 2012 during the terrorist bombing against the National Security Headquarters in Rawda Square, north-west Damascus.









.General Hisham Al-Ikhtyar

  General Hisham Al-Ikhtyar , the National Security Advisor,  (1941 – 20 July 2012):  On July 20, 2012, martyr Al-Ikhtyar succumbed to his injuries.










Martyred Hero : Ali Abbas

Date & place  f Martyrdom  :  Damascus, August 11,  2012

Position : Journalist, Head of Domestic  News Department in the Syrian Arab News  Agency (SANA)







Martyred Hero Salman Ali Harba:     

Date of martyrdom:  27/7/2012

  The father of the martyr, Mr. Ali Younis Harba said: ''God blesses my son and all honourable Syrian martyrs who defended and still defend  our beloved country. I am proud of him and in his martyrdom. May God  help us to defeat our enemies; and we, by God's help, will be victorious.''

Martyr's brother,  Wael Harba said: ''we are all  martyrdom  projects  and  the  victory is so near and  it will be achieved sooner by the help of God and by standing hand-by-hand with the heroic  Syrian Arab Army.''

Uncle of the martyr, Muhammad Yunus Harba said: ''God blesses my nephew and all the honorable martyrs of the nation. Long live the homeland and President Bashar Al-Assad and by God willing the right will prevail over wrong in the end.''












The hero Martyr Mahmod Issa al-Ali

Date of birth: 1974

Date of martyrdom: 07/13/2012

Ahmed Issa al- Ali's, martyr's brother said:  " We are  five brothers and we  all are ready for martyrdom in defence of our beloved homeland; it is our  duty to protect Syria from mercenary terrorists.''









Damascus bombings Martyrs       

General   Intelligence   Department Headquarters, 23/12/2011

Ali Abdul Hamid Hourani

Hazim Aziz Saleh

Rafie Khalaf  al-mlyhan

Ahmed Mohamed Othman

Qusai Saleh Youssef

Ahmed Ali Mosa

Mahdi Saeed Fendo

Mazen Ali Ghanem

Nazih Jamil Melhem

Adnan Jadallah al-Hayek

Ezzat Shehadeh al- Sheikh

Ali Taha al- Saleh

Uday Samir al-Kuntar

 Mohamed Bakri Shiekh  Shok

Ibrahim Ahmad Mohaimeed

Mohammed Yaseen al- Sa'adi

Mustafa Abdel Aziz Nahlawi

Ali Khalid Cino

Ghaith Essam Aljgami







Hatem Abu Yahya

Work: Cameraman Assistant

Media Martyr who was kidnapped and killed by a terrorist group in countryside of Damascus (Tal Menin )

Date of Martyrdom: 13 August 2012









Pierre George Kpraual

Date of birth :1983 –Aleppo

Date of Martyrdom :14 Oct 2012

Social Status: Married, his daughter is Marita










Colonel   Ali  Khouzam

Syrian Arab Army's Martyr, was martyred on 6 Oct. 2012







Dr. Mahmoud Tassabehji : a physician, assassinated by armed terrorist groups in Aleppo on Oct. 14, 2012.






Mona Bakkour : the Director of Syria Castle Website and she worked at Thawra  Newspaper  Office in Aleppo, was martyred in  Aleppo on Wednesday  Oct. 3,  2012.











Mohamed Alashram

Media Martyr 10 Oct. 2012

Al-Ikhbaryia Channel correspondent in Deir Al-zour.








Captain Attaf Darwish: the martyr was assassinated by armed terrorist groups on Nov. 26th. 2011.











Martyred Pastor Fadi Al-hadad

Mar Elias Church Priest

Assassinated by terrorists in October 2012.











Martyr Kamel Ismael Sayouh

Date of Birth : 1985

Date of Martyrdom : 26 Sep. 2012











Army Martyr Iyad Yacub Salmoun

Date of Birth : 1989

Date of Martyrdom : 12 Aug. 2012









Ibrahim Mohamed Haloum

Date of birth: 1970

Date of Martyrdom: 2 Oct. 2012










Waled Hashem Aboud


Date of Birth: 1989

Date of Martyrdom: 12 Sep. 2012










Ramadan  Ahmad Sayouh


Date of Birth: 1988

Date of Martyrdom: 17 Sep. 2012