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In The Loving Memory of Our Heroes


Muhammad Emad Al-din Mineni

Date of birth: 1998

Date of Martyrdom: 4/7/2018

Civil Status: Single

His family received the news of Muhammad’s martyrdom with dignity and faith believing  that he will be immortalized with his fellow martyrs in heaven, because he was brought up to love martyrdom and the sovereignty of his country.

In The Loving Memory of Our Heroes

Muhammad al-Humr al-Ali

Date of Birth: 1993

Civil status: single

Martyr Muhammad al-Humr al-Ali was martyred in Ruwaisat al-Malik Hill in Lattakia countryside during fighting terrorist groups. The mother of the martyr says: Muhammad always told me that he wasn't afraid   of dying for the sake of our homeland stability".

In The Loving Memory of Our Heroes

Major General Walid Mrei al-Kurdi

Date of martyrdom: 25/9/2018

Civil Status: married

The wife of the martyr and her five sons, are proud of their father, who sacrificed himself for Syria, and considered loyalty to the country is a must to preserved the dignity of the homeland.



In The Loving Memory of Our Heroes

Martyr Mufrej Fahad Salam

Date of Birth:  Tarba village in Suwaida city in 1980

Date of Martyrdom: 4/1/2016

Civil Status: married

He was martyred while he was performing his national duty in confronting

Armed terrorist groups in Hama city. For the pride, security and stability of homeland.  

In The Loving Memory of Our Heroes

2nd Lieutenant Ahmad Ali Ruqaya

Date of Martyrdom: 28/7/2018

Civil Status: Married

Martyr brothers: Walid _ Ghaitha _ Maha _ Lama _ Fatima, expressed their pride in their hero brother Ahmed Ali Ruqaya, stressing that his martyrdom will remain a story of pride for them. They believe that his body died but his soul remains among them telling every day the story of sacrifice.