Al-Mikdad to Krahenbuhl: Syria Never Discriminated between Syrians and Palestinians

DAMASCUS, (ST)- Syria has spared no effort as to alleviate the suffering of the Palestinians wherever they are in Syria and the government has treated the Palestinians in the same way as their Syrian brothers, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Faisal al-Mikdad has stressed.

He made the remarks during his meeting on Monday with Commissioner-General of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA) Pierre Krahenbuhl and the accompanying delegation.

Indonesia Backs Syria's Sovereignty, Territorial Integrity: Diplomat

DAMASCUS, (ST)- Indonesian Ambassador in Damascus Joko Harianto has stressed his country's support for Syria's sovereignty and territorial integrity, pointing out that the Syrian-Indonesian ties are distinguished.

In a statement to journalists during a reception held on the occasion of Indonesia's  72th  National Day, Harianto said Indonesia seeks enhancing its economic relations with Syria and works to amend the trade balance between the two countries.  He affirmed his country's willingness to take part in Syria's reconstruction.

Army retakes new areas in Hama, eliminates Daesh hotbeds in al-Boukamal

Provinces - Army units, in cooperation with the supporting forces, regained control over villages of Haran and Hardaneh in the northeastern countryside of Hama province on Sunday.

SANA said that the army units carried out a precise military operation targeting Jabhat al-Nusra hideouts in the two villages, killing a number of terrorists and destroying their hideouts.

SANA added that scores of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists fled away and army units are pursuing them in the area.

Meanwhile, SANA delegate to al-Boukamal city in Deir Ezzor province said the Syrian Arab Army and its allies eliminated the last hotbeds of Daesh (ISIS) terrorists in the city, noting that army’s engineering units continue sweeping operations to demine the city’s streets and neighborhoods.

Humanitarian Aid Convoy Arrives in Deir Ezzor

DEIR EZZOR, (ST)- The Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) on Saturday delivered a humanitarian aid convoy of 28 trucks to Deir Ezzor.

According to a SARC statement, the convoy, which was presented by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and the United Nations, contained food staff,  medical equipments and different necessary materials.

New terrorist rocket attacks kill a person

Damascus –One person was martyred and 28 at least were injured on Saturday as rocket shells fired by armed groups positioned in Eastern Ghouta hit several residential areas in Damascus and its countryside in a new violation of the de-escalation zone agreement in Eastern Ghouta.

A source at Damascus Police Command said that a person was martyred and 20 others were injured due to terrorist attack with rocket shells on the surrounding of al-Mujtahed Hospital in Damascus.

Army establishes control over areas in Damascus Countryside and Hama

Provinces – Army units on Saturday regained control over a number of strategic hills in Heineh plain area, Kafar Hoor, Beit Tima in southwestern countryside of Damascus, neighboring to Quneitra countryside.

Fierce clashed were erupted between the army units and Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists during the past hours in Heineh plain area, Kafar Hoor, Beit Tima villages, SANA said.

20 Civilians Martyred, 30 Injured in Daesh Car Bomb Attack in Deir Ezzor Countryside

DEIR EZZOR– 20 civilians were martyred and 30 others were injured due to a car bomb attack carried out by Daesh (ISIS) on Friday evening at a location where displaced families were gathered in the northern countryside of Deir Ezzor province.

SANA’s correspondent in Deir Ezzor said that a car bomb was detonated by Daesh terrorists in the area between al-Jafra and al-Koniko in Deir Ezzor’s northern countryside, claiming the lives of 20 civilians at least and injuring around 30 others, many of them women and children.