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Al Ja'fari:Syria demands that security council adopt a draft resolution that compels member countries to coordinate and fight terrorism and for foreign terrorists to be returned to their countries

Mr. President,

A few days ago, specifically on August 31, 2020, the Security Council voted on a draft resolution on combating terrorism. This draft resolution was supposed to contribute to addressing one of the weaknesses and close an important gap in this field by calling on Member States of our international organization to repatriate, prosecute or rehabilitate their nationals of "terrorists without borders" or what some like to call "foreign terrorist fighters", and ridding the countries in which these terrorists are active of their evils and crimes.

Unfortunately, the negotiation process on that draft resolution confirmed that some European countries represented in this Council have adhered to their selfish and irresponsible position of rejecting to repatriate and hold accountable their nationals of hardened terrorists. These countries have also persisted in their unethical attempts to evade their relevant responsibilities, to our great dissatisfaction. It is well known to everyone that my country, Syria, has been targeted over the past years by a brutal terrorist war in which Governments of known countries have recruited foreign terrorist fighters and provided them with various forms of support, and facilitated their infiltration into my country mainly through our common borders with Turkey to destabilize Syria's security and stability and undermine its sovereignty, territorial unity and integrity, and its role in the region, and to pave the way for the perpetration of acts of aggression and occupation under the delusional pretext of fighting ISIS. How can someone claim to be fighting ISIS when it was he who made it?

Mr. President,

My Delegation reiterates its condemnation and categorical rejection of the selective approach adopted by the Governments of some Member States regarding the issue of confronting the threat posed by terrorism to international peace and security. These very same Governments consider terrorism a legitimate tool in which to invest as long as it does not target their countries, and describe the terrorists as a "moderate armed Syrian opposition", "non-state armed groups,” "revolutionaries", "jihadists" or “freedom fighters” who do not pose any threat to peace and security for any country or region of the whole world, provided that they never think of returning to their countries of origin to continue spreading democracy and human rights there......
Consequently, Western countries that have been consistently flooding some poor and developing countries with their nuclear and non-nuclear waste to protect their local environment from pollution are bent on flooding certain countries with their human waste of terrorists, extremists, mercenaries and murderers after they used them to target certain countries, including my own.

What confirms the relevance of what we say is that some Western Governments still refuse to repatriate their terrorists,

together with their families and children -and here we are talking about 72,000 thousand terrorists and future terrorists located in one camp under the supervision of the American occupation forces and their proxy separatist militias-.They are also taking illegal and illegitimate measures to evade their responsibility for and duties toward their nationals including repatriating, prosecuting, or rehabilitating them. We have seen during the past years, a British effort, for example, but not limited to, to revoke the nationality of British terrorists operating in my country, if then even dare think of going back to the UK, and the same thing happened in other countries. The Belgian Government- which shares with Germany holding the so-called humanitarian pen and claims to be concerned about the humanitarian situation in my country - refused to take back the Belgian wives of ISIS fighters, and was content with expressing its readiness to receive children exclusively under the age of ten, despite the decisions issued by the Belgian judiciary demanding that children not be separated from their mothers. What hypocrisy is this?

Mr. President,

In the reports of the Secretary-General and the reports of the Analytical Support and Sanctions Monitoring Team of the Security Council committee established pursuant to resolution 1267 (1999), the United Nations confirmed the existence of tens of thousands of terrorist fighters who came to my country from more than a hundred Member States. The International Counter-Terrorism Center in The Hague indicated, years ago, that there are around 4300 European terrorists fighting in Syria and Iraq, among them 2838 terrorists from France, Britain, Belgium and Germany, meaning more than 700 terrorists for each of the four countries that I mentioned, all of which are currently Members of the Security Council and NATO. Of course, these numbers have been manipulated and reduced to cover up the practices of the Governments of the four countries. Our statistics, as the Syrian Government, are much more than that.

My Delegation reaffirms that the success of any political solution of the crisis, restoring security and stability to the entirety of the Syrian Arab Republic, and improving the humanitarian situation demands combatting terrorism and that the concerned Governments repatriate their cannibalistic from Idlib, which is controlled by Al-Nusra Front and its affiliated multi-labeled and multi-faceted entities. These Governments must also withdraw their monsters from Al-Hol Camp that is run by American occupation forces and their affiliated separatist militias and avoid making this issue the subject of barter or suspicious deals aimed at trying to legitimize or recognize those militias involved in smuggling some ISIS terrorists or children to neighboring countries, as happened a few days ago when more than /25/ children were suffocated and poisoned after consuming excessive doses of sleeping drugs during preparations to smuggle them through water tanks and boxes out of Al-Hol camp. Of course, we did not hear about this crime in any briefing to this council or in the Western media.

I do not want to name the Western countries and others that paid huge sums of money to the armed separatist militias in exchange for having back some children or terrorists, in addition to the political statements they issued in favor of these militias.

QASD militia abducts two youngsters in Raqqa eastern countryside

Deir Ezzour, Raqqa (ST): The US-backed QASD militia carried out a new arrest campaign and abducted two youngsters in Raqqa Countryside.

Local sources said that members of the US-backed militia carried out an arrest campaign in al-Fatesa town in the eastern countryside of Raqqa and took those they arrested to an unknown destination.

The sources added that the militia was trying to control the state of popular anger which demands the expulsion of the US occupation forces.

Deir Ezzour: A child killed by landmine explosion left behind by QASD militia to the east of the city

Deir Ezzor (ST): A child was martyred in a landmine explosion left behind by QASD militia in the neighborhood of Al-Suseh town in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzour.

Civil sources said that a landmine left behind by QASD militia, that has planted mines in the neighborhoods of its dens and positions in the countryside of Raqqa, Hasaka and Deir Ezzour, went off while a child was passing in the neighborhood of Al-Suseh town in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzour, causing the death of the child immediately.

Syria renews support for Belarus President and criticizes using UN Human Rights Council to interfere in states’ internal affairs

Geneva (ST): The Syrian Arab republic renewed its support for the Belarus President-elect Alexander Lukashenko and its confidence in the options of the Belarusian people and in the wisdom and capability of its political leadership.

In a statement made by Syria’s permanent representative at the UN office in Geneva, Hussam Eddin Ala during the UN Human Rights Council session held to discuss the situation in Belorussia, Syria criticized the Council’s exploitation of political pressure and interference in the internal affairs of states as well as threatening their sovereignty and stability.

Ala called on the Council to stop taking part in the political campaigns directed against elected legitimate governments.

Qameshli: National stand in condemnation of the US and Turkish occupations

Hasaka (ST): Locals of Qobet Zaki village in the southern countryside of Qameshli, have organized a national stand in condemnation of the US and Turkish occupations, demanding the dismissal of the US and Turkish occupation forces from the Syrian territories.

The participants denounced the unilateral coercive measures taken against Syrian people, especially the so-called Caesar Act stressing that these measures would not dissuade Syrian people from their stand which rejects occupation.

Outstanding Syrian students at the secondary school certificate: Meeting Mrs. Al-Assad is motivation for more success and achievement

Damascus (ST): The outstanding Syrian students at the secondary school certificate, who were honored by Mrs. Asma’a al-Assad, affirmed that their meeting with Mrs. Al-Assad was a motivation for them to press ahead with their hard work and studies despite all challenges and difficult circumstances - so that they contribute to the building of their homeland.

Student al-Ayham Qara Ahmad, who got the full mark in the scientific branch, said, “ Our meeting with Mrs. Asma’a al-Assad was a wonderful dream I’ve dreamt of since the beginning of the academic year,” adding that Mrs. Asma’a expressed happiness and pride in our success and offered us a lot of advice so that we become an example to be followed by the forthcoming generations.

He added that obtaining the full mark was the fruit of persistent work and planning, referring to the crucial role played by the administrative and teaching staff in supporting students, especially in light of the spread of the coronavirus pandemic and the precautionary measures taken to combat it.

Student Shahed al-Azbeh from Damascus Countryside, who has also got the full mark in the scientific branch said, “ We were honoured by meeting Mrs. Al-Assad who encouraged us to continue our university studies in the specialization we wish and love to achieve more accomplishments that open the way for us to contribute to the reconstruction of our homeland.

Syria registers 37 new coronavirus cases

The Syrian Ministry of Health announced on Thursday that 37 new cases of Coronavirus have been recorded, while 14 patients have recovered and 2 others have died.