Iranians residing in Syria vote in the Iranian presidential elections

Damascus (ST): Iranian citizens residing in Syria flocked this morning to the Iranian embassy in Damascus to cast their votes in the  Iranian presidential elections.

During his inspection of the electoral process, the Iranian ambassador in Damascus, Mahdi Sobhani, explained in a press statement that the embassy has allocated 8 ballot boxes in several regions in Syria, 4 of them in Damascus, with the aim of facilitating the movement and access of the Iranian community residing in Syria to the polls to cast their votes, calling on all Iranian citizens to participate widely in the elections and to exercise their role in shaping the future of the country.

47 Palestinians injured as the occupation repressed an anti-settlement demonstration south of Nablus

Occupied Jerusalem (ST): Forty-seven Palestinians were injured today as the Israeli occupation forces suppressed an anti-settlement demonstration in the town of Beita, south of Nablus in the West Bank.

Wafa news agency reported that the occupation forces fired a barrage of bullets and poison gas canisters at the participants in the demonstration, which took place at the entrance to the town, in refusal to establish a settlement outpost on the top of Al-Sabeeh Mountain, as a result of which 5 Palestinians were shot and 42 others suffocated.

Four Palestinians, including two children, were martyred and hundreds were injured as a result of the occupation forces' attack on the daily demonstrations in the town since last month, in rejection of the occupation's settlement plans.

In the village of Beit Jinn, east of Nablus, dozens of Palestinians were injured when the Israeli occupation forces suppressed an anti-settlement demonstration.

Khamenei: Election day is the day of the Iranian people

Tehran (ST): Iranian Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli announced today the start of presidential elections in Iran and the opening of polling stations for Iranians to choose a new president from among four candidates.

Polling stations in Iran opened their doors for voters to participate in the thirteenth presidential elections, in addition to the elections for the sixth session of municipal and village councils and the supplementary elections for the Assembly of Experts, at seven in the morning local time until twelve o'clock in the evening with the possibility of extending until two o'clock in the morning tomorrow, Saturday if necessary.

Palestinian Foreign Ministry calls for an investigation into crimes of Israeli occupation

The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs renewed its call on the International Criminal Court to expedite the opening of an investigation into the crimes of the Israeli occupation against the Palestinian people and to hold those responsible to account.

In a statement today quoted by Wafa Agency,  the ministry condemned the continuous crimes of the occupation against the Palestinians. It also condemned the storming of the occupation forces and settlers of occupied Jerusalem, and the worst forms of oppression and abuse practiced against the locals.

The Palestinian Foreign Ministry called on the international community and the UN human rights organizations and councils to take the necessary measures imposed by international law to hold the occupation accountable for its crimes.

Inas abdulkareem  

Putin: Moscow and Washington bear greatest responsibility for strategic stability in the world

Russian President Vladimir Putin stressed that Moscow and Washington bear the greatest responsibility for strategic stability in the world.

During a press conference after his first summit with US President Joe Biden, Putin said: “We agreed on the return of the ambassadors of the two countries and that the foreign ministries of the two countries will start working on the issue. The topics discussed are known to all and related to stability, regional crises, trade relations and cooperation in the Arctic.”