Moscow appeals to EU to lift sanctions imposed on Syria

MOSCOW, (ST)_Russian Foreign Ministry has called for lifting the coercive and unilateral sanctions being imposed on Syria in order to serve the Syrian people's interests and to guarantee regional stability and security. 
Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said in her briefing on Thurday that the EU must return to international law through lifting the illegitimate unilateral sanctions it imposed on Syria in the interest of the Syrian people and in a way that guarantees regional stability and security. 

A stand of solidarity with Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails

The city of Bethlehem in the West Bank witnessed on Thursday a stand of solidarity with the Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails.
According to WAFA News Agency, the participants in the stand gathered outside the office of the Red Cross and raised the photo of the sick prisoner Hussien Masalmeh, calling on the international community and the International Committee of the Red Cross to fulfill their duties and to  force Israel to release the prisoners.

Israel plans to annex 62 % of the West Bank and to demolish 20.000 Palestinian houses in Al-Quds

Palestinian expert on settlement matters Jamal Jom'a has made it clear that Israel's new settlement plan to set up 2600 settlement units in the occupied Palestinian lands comes within the occupation's plans that aim to annex 62 % of the West Bank and to demolish 20.000 houses in Al-Quds [Jerusalem] as well as to isolate 22 Palestinian towns from Al-Quds.
He added that 220.000 Palestinians are living in these towns.

Eight Iraqis are killed and 15 others were injured in two suicide bombings in Baghdad

On January 21st, a terrorist bombings  targeted the Al-Bala and Al-A’askry markets in the center of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad. casualties were recorded at  28 dead and 73 injured.

Major General Kazim Yohan, Director of the Iraqi Civil Defense, said that the number of victims of the two terrorist bombings has so far reached 28 martyrs and 73 wounded.

For his part, Major General Yahya Rasool, spokesman for the Commander-in-Chief of the Iraqi Armed Forces, said in a statement that “two suicide bombers blew themselves up when pursued by the security forces in the Bab Al-Sharqi district in Baghdad this morning, which led to a number of martyrs and wounded among civilians.”

O. al-Mohammad 

China calls for removing unilateral Western coercive measures against Syria

China called for removing  unilateral coercive measures against Syria at an early date as the economic and humanitarian difficulties in Syria, to a large extent, are the result of the economic blockade and other unilateral coercive measures.

During a Security Council video session on the situation in Syria on Wednesday,  China's permanent representative to the United Nations, Zhang Jun, confirmed that the Western coercive measures imposed on Syria have directly affected the lives of Syrians and obstructed the arrival of medical supplies and services to them.

The fifth session of the Constitutional Committee will convene in Geneva next week. China hopes that the Syrian government and the opposition will work under the framework of the committee and use dialogue to resolve differences, broaden consensus, and promote substantial progress in relevant work, he said.