Grilled Chicks


  2 Chicken breast sliced

  Black pepper

  1/4 teaspoon dried coriander ground

  1/4 teaspoon garlic powder

   A quarter teaspoon cinnamon

Cookies with custard


    1 cup chocolate cake           

    Biscuits as needed                                                        

   To prepare custard:

    8 tablespoons custard powder

Cakes for Eid


    500 grams flour

    Spoon Baking Powder

    Half a cup of warm water for kneading or more as needed

    Teaspoon sugar

Oatmeal soup with vegetables


75 g oatmeal

 2 leek section

 2 Islands cut into circles

 2 chopped onions

  A cup and a half broccoli cut into small pieces

  Half a cup of chili

Noodles with vegetables


  2 Cup of Noodles

  2 Chopped green onions

  3 grated carrots

  1 chopped pepper