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Syria is the Mother of All" exhibition supports rural breadwinning women

HAMA,(ST)_In an initiative that aims to encourage handmade and traditional crafts, the “Artizana” Syria project has organized an exhibition entitled “ Syria is the Mother of All" in Hama city. 
The exhibition includes products made by rural women, who are breadwinners in different areas in Hama governorate, according to a report published in Arabic by the Syrian News Agency ( SANA). 

The fifth annual exhibition of the Businesswomen's Committee in Homs ... stories of will and life

The will to live, love of beauty, glorification and pride in ancestral heritage is what dominates the exhibits of the fifth exhibition in support of women, which is being held by the Businesswomen Committee in the Homs Chamber of Commerce in support of Syrian women.

The exhibits tell a variety of stories, some of them tell about the struggle of Syrian women against the critical conditions of war that she faced, and how she won thanks to her strong will,  and decided to start her life again like a phoenix and earn a livelihood despite the harsh current conditions. The others depict the skill of the Syrian woman and her ability to create beauty despite the war chaos.

On their Day, the mothers of the martyrs recount the sacrifices and heroics of their sons

On the morning of Mother's Day in the year 2020,was  the last contact between Nadia, the mother of the martyr Sumer Shaddd, and her son, who spent seven years of military service in the ranks of the Syrian Arab Army. 

During the years of war, in the evening came the news of his death during a mission he was undertaking in the countryside of Aleppo.

Honoring Syrian mothers who excelled in various fields

On the occasion of International Women's Day and Mother's Day, Dar Al-Assad for Culture and Arts  in Damascus has recently hosted  a celebration in  honoring of the Syrian mother who excelled in various social artistic and humanitarian  fields in recent years . 

The festivity , which was organized by “ Sit Al-Kul” food company, based on the importance of the public and private sectors’  role in  developing  the economy  process and collective  work in the Syrian society.

The fifth exhibition in support of women’s activities in the Al Wa'er Fairgrounds, soon

Homs, (ST)- With the aim of empowering and supporting women on various social and economic levels and  reviving life  for each part of the governorate, the Businesswomen's Committee in the Homs Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with the Junior International Chamber in Homs, will hold the fifth exhibition in support of women's activities in the exhibition city of  the Al-Wa'er region.