Dr. Nour Ghadban: women in science have the power to change the world

“Inside every woman is strength, creativity, inquisitiveness and powerful voice.  Woman is nature and life . Through her patience and strong will  woman is able to  challenge and achieve the impossible”  Dr. Nour Ghadban, who  holds a phD in computer and controlling engineering and a social activist said in an interview conducted by the Syriatimes e-newspaper.

Dr. Ghadban has recently got the Arab women certificate of Arab woman’s  policy, in building homelands conference held by International Academy of Studies and Humanities in cooperation with International Entrepreneurship  and Women ( IEAW) .

Dr. Ghadban  said  “I think women and girls face so many challenges. The challenges are absolutely enormous in every aspect of their lives, globally. Whether it be to do with education, or healthcare, the right to have logistical protection over violence, rape, abuse - the list is endless”. 

She underlined that the biggest challenge for women in the 21st century revolves around the issue of choice – the freedom for women to choose who they become, stressing  “we must support women to unleash their power to propel them to achieve that goal.”

Dr. Ghadban  stressed that these challenges and obstacles  can limit women’s  development and prevent them from reaching their full potentials

She pointed out  that mentally strong women do things differently because they live by a different set of core beliefs that guide their decisions and daily habits.

Eve Museum

“Eve Museum” is the title of a series of stories by the writer “Mayada Kaddah” that sheds light on the homeland, pain, love, hope and you name it.

The writer relied on an unusual narrative method where the soul speaks out about its concerns and feelings. She left a space for the reader’s imagination to predicate the ending with curiosity to know the fate of the protagonists of these stories to express the emotions of the human soul.

Shorouq is the main character in one of her stories entitled “Souls” embodying  the suffering and the pain of the absence of our beloved people. However, in her other story entitled “Two Pearls”, Kaddah showed the contradiction between pain and hope.

The writer excelled in exploring the depths of humanity depending on ambiguous philosophical way that the reader may not understand easily. Moreover, Kaddah has managed to document and describe the moment of the end and farewell in her story “The Moment”.

She also dealt with the meaning of life, birds, dreams and lovers in her story entitled “The End”.

It is worth noting that the protagonists of her stories reflect the real life in our community.  


The first Arab woman to chair the World Genius Society and the World Intelligence Association

Manahel Thabet One of the Smartest People Alive

She has been ranked among the  30 smartest people alive by Super Scholar  and the youngest in the world and the only Arab who has a PhD in Financial Engineering.She is the Yemeni researcher,  Dr. Manahel Thabet, the amazing woman who has created a distinguished place for herself not only in Arab countries, but also in the world.

She is one of the rare Arab women who have entered the field of Quantum Mathematics, and currently her research has been adopted by several American universities for development purposes.

Rural Manufacturing Units Project in Lattakia Empowers Syrian Rural Women

Syrian rural women play a key role in their communities and they are one of the pillars of the Syrian agricultural economy because of their ability to manufacture and produce.

“ the rural  manufacturing units project  in Lattakia’s countryside aims at empowering rural women through providing job opportunities, developing their capacities in food production , expanding their knowledge and information on product quality standard . It also  aims at helping women increase their income , by selling competitive products and at enhancing their ability to market traditional food “ Eng. Rabab Wardeh,  head of the Rural Women’s  Department at the Directorate of Agriculture in Lattakia  told the Syriatimes e-newspaper.

Plastic Artist, Majd Makarem, delves into the world of women and their human and aesthetic values

The human and aesthetic values of women are the prominent title of the work of the artist, Majd Makarem, who has proven a distinctive presence in the world of art, expressing the hopes, thoughts and dreamy feelings inside a woman.

SANA quoted Makarem as saying that she had held her first exhibition in 2014, which was a difficult step for her, as her artistic experience had not matured, pointing out that her participation in the exhibitions and forums held in Beirut, Dubai and Amman was an opportunity for her to enrich her artwork, by learning about the experiences of artists in this field.

Makarem's methods varied due to the diversity of her subjects, but she did not leave the vast banks of the expressive school, which has overwhelmed her works . This unleashed her feelings to float on the surface of her paintings  with the use of a broad spectrum of color and the strength of its expression as a means of embodying her feelings and visions with a variety of aesthetic artistic images..

She went on to say that the presence of women in her works  has been adopted as a self-standing world based on her ability as a female to express, honestly, her feelings and the potentials of herself in color, vision, rhythm, clarifying that she cannot put forward steps for a subject or idea of work, but leaves her feelings and interactions with the painting to choose the subject of work, which comes through a mixture of emotions that she shared with the portrait over a period of time.