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Corona deaths around the world exceed 567 thousand and infections approach to 13 million

The new Corona virus has claimed the lives of more than 567,000 people worldwide since it was announced last December.

The World Meter website, which tracks the latest developments, stated that the total number of coronavirus infections so far worldwide reached 12847288 and deaths reached 567734, while 7483246 people have recovered so far from the disease.

In Germany, the Robert Koch Institute for Infectious Diseases reported an increase in the number of confirmed cases of the Corona virus by 248 cases, bringing the total number of infections in the country to 198,804, and an increase in the number of deaths by three cases to 9063 in total.

22 new coronavirus cases registered in Syria, two patients died

Damascus (ST):  The Health Ministry has announced  that 22 new coronavirus cases were registered in Syria for people who were in contact with other infected people. The ministry said in a statement that two coronavirus patients have passed away. The total infections registered in Syria have reached 394 so far, among which 26 have recovered and 16 have died.

Corona virus claims the lives of more than 539 thousand people in the world

The novel Corona virus has claimed the lives of  539,397 people in the world since it appeared last December, according to a new statistic released by the American Word Meter website today.

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A health catastrophe threatens the Palestinians in the city of Hebron by preventing the Israeli occupation of medical personnel from facing the Corona epidemic

Occupied Jerusalem,(ST)-The suffering of the Palestinians, especially in the West Bank city of Hebron, is exacerbated by the outbreak of the Corona epidemic due to the Israeli occupation's prevention of medical teams from moving between the towns, villages and camps of the city to carry out their work in the face of the epidemic, with Hebron recording the highest rates of infections in occupied Palestine, threatening a serious health disaster.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health announced in a statement that the epidemiological situation in Hebron is dangerous, indicating that 67 percent of active injuries in the Palestinian territories, which numbered 4037, are registered in the name of the city, with a total of 2749 active cases, of which 216 were recorded during the past 24 hours.

The number of new cases of coronavirus emerging in occupied Palestine reached 4,722, of whom twenty died, most of them in Hebron, while the number of recovery cases reached 665.

About 700 thousand infections of coronavirus in India

Capitals, (ST) - India has recorded about 700,000 infections of coronavirus, becoming the third country in the world with the number of cases after the United States and Brazil.

Reuters quoted the Indian Ministry of Health as saying in new data today that more than 23,000 new infections have been recorded in the past 24 hours, bringing the total number of injuries to 697,358, indicating that nearly 20,000 deaths have been recorded since the first case was discovered in January.