Is Moisturising a MYTH?

Doctor claims the beauty staple 'does more harm than good' for millions of women as she gives her tips for perfect winter skin

 Moisturiser is regarded as a skincare staple, but one doctor has made the controversial claim that we should give it up for good.

Dr. Sobia Ali warns that the millions of women using cream on a daily basis could be making themselves dependent on the product, leading to a 'vicious cycle' that could spell disaster for your skin, according to Daily Mail.

Dr. Sobia, has issued a stark warning to those who incorporate it into their daily regime, noting that overusing it can aggravate wrinkles, acne, rosacea and pigmentation.

Children spending hours a day in front of screens are at risk of 'short-sightedness, obesity and CANCER'


 Spending too much time gawping at screens is making children more likely to be short-sighted, become overweight and get cancer, experts say.

 A review of 80 studies on more than 200,000 people has ranked smartphones and tablets alongside sugary drinks as one of the biggest risks for childhood obesity, according to Daily Mail.

 Being overweight can lead to a dozen types of cancer, including breast, colon, kidney, liver, ovarian, pancreas and prostate.

 As well increasing their risk of dying young, too much time on gadgets is damaging youngsters' eyes – the number of short-sighted children has doubled in 50 years.

Chronic exposure to excess noise may increase risk for heart disease, stroke

Exposure to environmental noise appears to increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes by fueling the activity of a brain region involved in stress response. This response in turn promotes blood vessel inflammation, according to Science Daily.

The findings reveal that people with the highest levels of chronic noise exposure  had an increased risk of suffering cardiovascular events such as heart attacks and strokes, regardless of other risk factors known to increase cardiovascular risk.

The results of the study offer much-needed insight into the biological mechanisms of the well-known, but poorly understood, interplay between cardiovascular disease and chronic noise exposure, researchers said.

Dangerous blood pressure caused by specific signalling in the brain

blood pressure, or hypertension, is suggested to be one of the leading risk factors for heart disease, according to Science Daily.

The process in which high blood pressure causes heart disease is not completely understood.

But now scientists at the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute have found that high blood pressure caused by specific signalling from the brain promotes heart disease by altering stem cells with the bone marrow.

The results, demonstrate how an overactive sympathetic nervous system that causes elevated blood pressure can instruct bone marrow stem cells to produce more white blood cells that clog up blood vessels.

The Baker Institute's Head of Haematopoiesis and Leukocyte Biology, Associate Professor Andrew Murphy says the findings represent a new era of heart disease research.

Vegan diet ‘can boost mood and ease symptoms for those with Type 2 diabetics’, scientists say

Going vegan could help people with Type 2 diabetes feel happier and lose weight, say researchers.

Eating a plant-based or vegan diet helps to manage the condition, cuts blood sugar and can reduce depression, according to Daily Mail.

Scientists who reviewed 11 studies on more than 400 people with the condition found following a vegan or plant-based diet improved wellbeing and quality of life, and cut depression, which is believed to be three times as common in diabetics.