Excellence and Creativity Commission: Finalizing the preparations for the Syrian Scientific Olympiad final qualifiers

Damascus (ST): The Excellence and Creativity Authority has completed its preparations for launching the final qualifiers for the Syrian Scientific Olympiad 2022 during the period between January 17-20/1 /2022, to select members of the national teams that will participate in the international Olympiad competitions in the specializations of “mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and informatics.”

About 384 male and female students from different governorates are participating in the final exams, according to a statement by the Excellence and Creativity Commission including the students who achieved first ranks in the Junior Science Olympiad, the School Programming Competition, and the Programming Marathon for youngsters and  adults in the 2021 season, in addition to the first students in the Syrian Scientific Olympiad. During the past two seasons, they took their standardized test to determine their current scientific level, which qualifies them to remain in the ranks of the national science teams in which they excelled.

Syrian student receives bronze honor in International Youth Math Challenge

HOMS, Jan.5, (ST)-The Syrian student Asmaa Al-Omar received  the bronze honor in the International Youth Math Challenge that was organized in Germany with the participation of 5500 students from 122 countries. 
She is studying at the  second “Al-Bassel” Secondary School for outstanding students in Homs and she has enjoyed solving math problems since her childhood. 

Syrian team wins the first place in the Taiwan Mental Arithmetic Competition

Hasakah , (ST) - A team from the city of Qamishli won first place for the third and fourth levels, respectively, in the Taiwan Mental Arithmetic Competition, which concluded yesterday.

Syria wins 9 prizes in the International Mathematical Competition

Damascus (ST): Syria, represented by a student team from the Center for Applied Physics and Basic Sciences, won 9 medals in the international mathematics competition, which was held virtually in Germany, with the participation of 5,200 male and female students from 122 countries around the world.

The Innovation and Invention Exhibition opens at Aleppo University

The third university innovation and invention exhibition, held by the Innovation and Technology Transfer Center, was opened on Wednesday at  the Central Library of the University of Aleppo with the participation of 22 projects.The scientific event  embodied the innovations and creativity  of university students in various fields including  electrical, mechanical, technical and informatics engineering.