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77 industrialists from Aleppo will participate in the “Producers 2020” exhibition in Sulaymaniyah next month

77 food industries, furnishings, and garment industrialists from Aleppo will participate in the ‘Producers 2020’ exhibition.

The exhibitionwill be held in Tekkiye Sulaymaniyah in Damascus on November 2nd- 6th.

The General Director of the Arab Group for Exhibitions and Conferences Alaa Hilal, said that the exhibition constitutes a platform for internal and external marketing and promotion of the  products of Aleppo.

Hilal indicated that the exhibition represents a great opportunity for merchants and businessmen to know more about distinctive fabrics which are made in Aleppo at competitive prices.


O. al-Mohammad

ACSAD to offer SYP100 million in aid to farmers affected by recent fires in Syria’s coastal and central regions

DAMASCUS, (ST)- The Arab Center for the Studies of Arid Zones and Dry Lands (ACSAD) has announced that it will offer 100 million Syrian pounds as well as technical and logistic materials as direct assistance for Syria to help alleviate the impacts of the recent fires that raged in the Syrian coastal and central regions and that damaged agricultural lands and affected many famers and breeders.

ACSAD Director-General Naser Eddin Al-Obaid said in a statement to SANA that the center is ready to cooperate with the Syrian Ministry of Agriculture to reduce as much as possible the repercussions of the fires and to revive the affected areas by providing seedlings including fruit and forestry trees seedlings as well as seeds. He added that the center is also ready to provide necessary assistance to affected farmers to replant their lands and invest them again.

The People's Assembly discusses performance of the Ministry of Economy

In its sixth session of the first ordinary session of the third legislative term which was held on Sunday under the chairmanship of Hammouda Sabbagh, Speaker of the People’s Assembly, the People's Assembly (Parliament ) discussed the performance of the Ministry of Economy and Foreign Trade and issues related to its work.

Regarding the recent fires that broke out in several governorates, Sabbagh underlined in his speech the necessity for the members of the People’s Assembly as representatives of citizens to be in close contact  with the affected citizens to follow up on their demands and needs and work to alleviate their suffering as a result of this national and humanitarian catastrophe.

150 national Industrial companies participate in “Made in Syria “ Monthly Shopping Festival in Damascus

Holding important economic activities is a key opportunity to support the Syrian national economy and to stress that Syrian industry is recovering despite the coercive economic blockade imposed on the Syrian people.  

The Damascus Chamber of Industry and its countryside have completed preparations for launching the 105th  round  of the Monthly Shopping Festival, “Made in Syria” on  Thursday at Al-Jalaa  Sports Hall in Damascus.  

According to Member of Directors at Damascus and its countryside chamber of industry and Head of the Organizing Committee of the festival Tala Qala’ji  150 national industrial companies from various food, textile, chemical and engineering sectors are taking part in the festival  which will last  until the 24th of this month.

Homs: 60 industrial facilities start production in nine months

Homs (ST): The number of the industrial and artisan facilities that have been authorized in Homs since the beginning of the current year reached 140 with a total capital estimated at 6.5 billion Syrian pounds.

Director of Homs Industry engineer Bassam Sa’ed said that 60 facilities have started production, noting that the authorized facilities ensure six hundred job opportunities and indicate the recovery of the industrial sector in the governorate.

He added that 33 facilities out of the 60 work in the food industries, 17 in the chemical sector, four in the engineering sector and one in the textile industry.