A new book highlights the magnificence of “Shamal” ... an ancient Syrian Aramaic kingdom

The Aramean kingdoms in Syria , mainly  “ Shamal” in the far northwest of Syria, have  given  this land a unique identity that characterized  all the civilizations that followed it because of its richness and comprehensiveness.   

In his new book titled “Shamal.. an ancient Syrian Aramaic Kingdom 1000-722 BC” the researcher Dr. Abbas Faraj devotes his book  to introduce  this kingdom  in addition to  its cultural achievements, especially since it is almost unknown to the public of readers. 

Faraj begins his book , issued by the Syrian General Authority for Books,by explaining that the word  “Shamal” was named  according to the most favorable opinion of the Amorites, who are the nations  that  inhabited the metropolitan areas of Mesopotamia and the Levant, because it is  located in the northern side according to them.

He  indicated  that its  geographical location led to the prosperity of economic life and it excelled in the field of agriculture, specifically by cultivating wheat, barley and olives.  “Shamal”  was also famous for spinning the fabric, as evidenced by the pride of one of the kings of “Shamal”, called (Kilamowa), who  clothed his people with silk.

A new book highlights Ugarit as a model of integrated civilization

With the participation of a number of researchers, translators and critics, a symposium was held  at the Cultural Center in Abu Rummaneh in Damascus to review  the  researcher Dr.  Eyad Yunes’s new book  entitled “The Economy of the Mediterranean in the Fourteenth and Thirteenth Centuries BC .. The Kingdom of Ugarit as a Model”. 

The author of the book Dr. Yunes told SANA  that economic researches  in the field of ancient historical studies are emerging due to the interest of most historians in what is known as political history, whose events focus on  the ruling personality at a time when most of the economic life of ancient civilized societies remains in limbo.

He pointed out that his book concentrated on studying the reality of a nation  that  achieved  an integrated civilization despite its difficult geographical nature . 

“Syria in the Confrontation of the Terrorist War” a book documenting the steadfastness of the Syrians

In his book “Syria in the Confrontation of the Terrorist War”, Syrian writer and researcher Nabeel Fouzat Noufal documents the steadfastness of the Syrian people and leadership in the face of the most heinous war ever waged on a country.

The 242-page book highlights the importance of leading intellectuals in an honest and patriotic manner addressing the issues and crises facing their societies, away from personal interests.

Noufal’s book explains the causes and nature of the war on Syria and the forces that have participated in the aggression on the country, represented by the United States, the Zionist entity, the Turkish regime and others countries as well as by terrorist takfiri forces and mercenaries. It also clarifies the role of some European countries in fueling this war.

The book also documented Syria’s confrontation of terrorism and the support provided to Syria by its allies such as Russia, Iran, the Lebanese National Resistance and some national forces with aim of fighting terrorism.

Syria in Confrontation of the Global War" published in Persian

Tehran (ST): The Cultural and Artistic Institute affiliated to the Documentation Center of the Islamic Republic of Iran held a celebration for publishing the Persian copy of a book titled "Syria in Confrontation of the Global War".

Written by a group of Arab writers and intellectuals and supervised by vice president Dr. Najah al-Attar, the book authentically documents an important and critical stage in the in the history of Syria and the Arab region as a whole. The book casts light on the unfair terrorist war that aimed at killing  Syrians, displacing them, destroying their country and ending the resistance axis in service of the Zionist entity and foreign hegemony plans on the region.

A new book highlights media’s role in spreading terrorism

The new  book  entitled  “ Extremism and Propaganda in the Syrian War”  recently released by researcher Dr. Mazen Khaddour  focused  on the role of  media  during the war on Syria in  spreading the  phenomenon of extremism with the aim of using it  as a weapon against  Syrians.

Dr. Khaddour told  SANA,  during  the signing  ceremony held at  “Sheraton”  Hotel in Aleppo,  that the book’s chapters  focused on  the academic and theoretical research  in addition to field research that dealt  with analyzing the content of a number  of satellite channels. The book   concluded  with a set of results, the most important of which is the great role  played by propaganda  in spreading  extremism  during  the war  waged against  Syria.