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“Great books are never bound by the languages they are written in, they travel through languages.”2

ST Interviewwith Dr. Fawaz Zaarour on translation

Dr. Zaarour translated more than 50 prominent international books from English into Arabic, and vice versa. Great books are never bound by the languages they are written in; they travel through languages, spaces, and cultures, and that is what makes a great book great.Dr. Zaarour has as well authored four unpublished books; some of his publications are being taught in the most prestigious Arab and international universities. Hereinafter, highlights on some of Dr. Zaarour’s most prominent recommendable publications:

“Great books are never bound by the languages they are written in, they travel through languages.” 1

ST Interview with Dr. Fawaz Zaarour on translation

Geoffrey Willians said, “You can never understand one language, until you understand at least two.” If you think your language is unique because it has sounds and phrases that other languages cannot possibly have, you are in for a huge surprise. The beauty of knowing other languages is that it gives you a unique perspective about how other cultures think, and how they describe the world around them, which sometimes can be surprisingly different. We have all known of idioms and phrases that cannot be translated no matter what, and that is because of the simple reason that cultures are untranslatable.

Egyptian Researcher: Syria’s confrontation of Zionist-American schemes is most prominent reason for Western conspiracy against it

Assistant Secretary-General of the Arab and Islamic Gathering to Support the Resistance Option, Dr. Jamal Ali Zahran from Egypt, gives a detailed presentation of the reasons for the American-Zionist conspiracy against Syria, including its confrontation of the Zionist-American schemes in the region and its leadership of the resistance movement in it.

Dr. Zahran wrote an article entitled “Syria, the Citadel of Resilience and Resistance and the Platform for Changing the International System” and it was published in the book “Leader Al-Assad… Bright Pages from the History of Resilience” .

In his article, Dr. Zahran noted that one of the reasons for the conspiracy against Syria is also its great regional role in the region and its possession of self-sufficiency in all food commodities, which made it away from exerting external pressure on its political decision.

The novel "Rassas in Old Homs" by Issa Ismail is translated into Russian Language

The cultural section of the Russian Coordination Center chose the novel "Bullets in Old Homs" by the writer Issa Ismail to be translated into the Russian language, where the International Culture House in Moscow will publish it.

The novel sheds light on the crimes committed by the armed terrorist organizations while they were in the neighborhoods of old Homs in 2013, when they detained hundreds of citizens and assaulted their property, honor and dignity.

In a statement to SANA, Ismail expressed his happiness for choosing his 130-page novel to be translated into Russian, indicating that he wrote about the crimes of terrorists in the Old City, according to eyewitnesses  who described how the kidnapped were slaughtered and how the Dutch priest Francis Mandrulecht, who holds Syrian nationality, was assassinated.His novel ends with the  expulsion of terrorists from all over Homs.

A new book on "Tourism Crisis Management"

The tourism crisis and  means of recovery and overcoming this crisis are the most important themes addressed by the Palmyrian researcher, Dr. Muhammad Saleh in his book "Tourism Crisis Management" which is considered the first book published in Syria in this field after it was published in Europe in the English language.

The book, which is about 200 large-sized pages, is the first book of its kind in Syria that analyzes and addresses tourism crises, their causes and the strategies for recovering from them at this time.