SOS Chrétiens d’Orient’ Director General: Syria is safe for tourists

Last Tuesday, a foreign delegation composed of 35 persons from Canada, France and Switzerland arrived in Syria for 8 days. The goal of the visit? Tourism.

It was the first visit to Syria for the most part of the group since the beginning of the terror war on the country in 2011, according to the Director General of SOS Chrétiens d’Orient Mr. Benjamin Blanchard, who emphasized that the tourist group was very surprised to see that Syria is still alive.

Mr. Blanchard has told the Syria Times e-newspaper that few of the tourist group’s members have visited Syria many times since 2015 with SOS Chrétiens d’Orient or with the travel agency Odeia, but it is the first tourist group to visit Bosra [Palmyra] after liberating it from terrorists.

“The group are very surprised

Yabroud ... Home of Ancient Man and First Farmer

Rare are the places which combine beauty, civilization, and development! ... How if a place is home of man since the Stone Age, and is the first agricultural village in the world, and owns elements which could change it into an incomparable tourist, industrial, cultural and religious attraction?

History & civilization

Yabroud's civilization is considered one of the most distinguished among Eastern civilizations because continuous researches asserted that it was inhabited between 154, 000-100, 000 year ago.

Ancient theaters in South Syria

*The size and capacity of the theater always complied with the size and administrative importance of the city.

*The theater of Busra is the most beautiful and integrated theater of its kind in the world.

*Ancient theaters served sport, cultural, artistic and political activities of the city.

South Syria is one of the richest areas in the world with ancient ruins and artifacts that witnessed the development of arts, architecture and monuments of past civilizations. The region is especially famous for its numerous theaters spread in most of its cities, towns and, sometimes, small villages.

Al-Kamiliyyah Madrasa .. Living example of Ayyubid Architecture in Aleppo

ALEPPO-  Al-Kamiliyya Madrasa (school) is located outside walls of Aleppo old city and situated about 300 meters south of Bab El-Maqam . It is a living example of the great Ayyubid architecture, according to a SANA report..

The construction of the Madrasa dates back to the 13th century, the time of Fatima Khantun, daughter of Ayyubid sultan al-Malik al-Kamil and  husband of King Mohammed al-Aziz .

Archaeologist and Historian Abdullah Hajjar said that school was built in 1236 and that the building takes the form of a rectangular complex of about 800 square meters centered on a square courtyard.

One enters via a muqarnas-vaulted portal located on the western end of the north side of the building.

Mushroom Shaped White Rock Known as Home of Safe People

TARTOUS-  In Tartous, the city of beauty, and accurately in the north of al-Qadamous city, the “table slab” attracts many visitors to spend most fascinating moments in nature.

Slab table, surrounded by springs and perennial trees, overlooks  a deep valley encircled by high mountains.

According to a SANA report, the mushroom shaped white rock, carved by nature, is known of several names such as the table of hungry people and homeland of safe people .