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Syria Times reporters visited the Food Street activity which is part of the “Cham Gather Us” Festival.

On July 16, the 2nd session of “Cham Gathers Us” Festival kicked off in Tishreen Park in Damascus.

The Food Street presents a wide range of Syrian and western dishes for food enthusiasts.

“About 25 restaurants from Damascus participated in the 90m-long Food Street. The food shops present Damascene food such as Yalange, TaboullahHaraq bi Asboua’aou, roasted chicken, westernfast food sandwiches, pizza, ice cream, sweets, Sushi, Onion Chips, fresh juices, and others,” Firas al-Omeri, the Director of Food Street activity said to Syria Times.

Western tourist group: Palmyra is a human heritage and we invite everyone to visit it

Within the framework of the return of tourist movement to the Syrian Archaeological sites, a group of foreign tourists has lately visited the archeological city of Palmyra. The members of the group were from different nationalities: French, British, Italian, Dutch, Irish, Australian, Canadian, German, Norwegian and Slovakian. They reviewed the archaeological sites and the residential city and documented the devastation caused by the systematic attacks of the terrorist organization "Daesh" before it was defeated from the area by the brave Syrian Army.

"Our Country is Beautiful in our Eyes" 2019

"Our Country is Beautiful in our Eyes" is the title of an activity kicked off last month under the patronage of Tourism Ministry in order to introduce Syrian tourist and cultural attractions and activate tourist and cultural sectors.

The activity, held for the second year running, aimed at helping youths and children develop and enhance their talents and capabilities to disseminate the culture of promoting the values of Syrian cultural heritage monuments.

“Cham Gathers Us” Festival Kicks Off

On July 16, the 2nd session of “Cham Gathers Us” Festival kicked off in Tishreen Park in Damascus.

Under the patronage of Damascus Governorate, the one -month festival is organized by the Damascus Chamber of Commerce, in cooperation with The Ministry of Internal trade and Consumer protection and the Ministry of Tourism.

Czech website: Apamea is the most important Roman site in Syria

Kam Se Vydat , website which is a Czech tourism website, published  that Apamea archeological city is considered as one of the most important of Syria’s  Roman archeological and cultural ruins.

In a 23 photos -essay  that tackled  Apamea archeological site which embraces a 2km –long main street called ” Great Colonnade” on the sides of which one can see ancient columns which were ornamented in a distinguished style.

The website added that these columns along with the rest of the ruins in Apamea seem to come out of a fairy world.  Built in the basin of the Orontes River, the atmosphere in the area is charming.