Qandil Valley Fascinating Seashore

It is believed that the valley was named after “qandil” (a large lamp). It was used to indicate fishermen approach from beach, illuminating a large area of sea water and beach sand. It was placed either on the hills overlooking the village from the side of  Oum altoor village or on those surrounding Islam tower adjacent to the village.

Beach of Qandil valley is a beautiful place frequented by visitors to enjoy both the sea and mountain. It is a low spot of land embracing a number of rivers as a result of the ongoing flood from Laurent dam near it, whereas the sea is on the northern side.

Qandil valley administratively follows Zighrine municipality, which is a simple village with a sparse population about 25 km north latakia. Qandil valley beach is a distinct one with its gold sand extends on about 2 km parallel to pine and eucalyptus trees. Common restaurants and cafes are scattered between trees, having maintained simplicity and modesty. Qandil valley inhabitants work in agriculture and some industries service, besides few of them work in apiculture and sericulture.

The façade of this maritime village is on this pure natural sand seashore, which has attracted many Syrian and Arab drama directors. As a matter of fact, dozens of art works and music video clips have been shot inside its forest and beach. Tourists will find a lot of popular stone ovens in the village and on the edge of the river penetrating the village, offering local pastry made with thyme and dried yogurt. They can also enjoy sightseeing from their chalets overlooking at the splendid scenery unifying mountain and coastline.

Newcomers can also appreciate a streams and canals cluster that take the way towards the forest and woodland in Qandil valley to settle among giant eucalyptus and pine trees; making a natural picturesque scenery. Hence canals and streams banks are used as platform to place tables and chairs for visitors’ eateries; in addition to some wooden bridges adding to the magnificent scene more beauty. The village residents profit from the landscape by setting up simple investment projects on the tributaries banks. Visitors will find more attraction in apiculture and sericulture in the village and its boundaries.

To reach the shore of Qandil valley starting from latakia going north through the international highway in the direction of Kassab to Turkish border, then turning left towards the northwest to enter the green zone where citrus plantations and pine forests are covering mountains. You will enjoy a unique experience on the road as the entire landscape makes you sense the splendor and richness of the region.  


Haifa mafalani