Tourism: Summer fever

Obviously we are living in a situation that makes most of us worry about the gloomy cloud shadowing  the homeland sky, whishing it will dissipate with the coming tourism season. At summer time, vacation fever becomes an obsession to all people. Hence we must take advantage of that obsession, by making  all folks around the world feel they belong to this land, the Levant land,  where most civilization sprang worldwide. A land which has always been focus of attention to those concerned in past, present and future. So that everyone in the world knows his motherland and Syria.

Since Syria is a cultural and historical threshold, being  a central piece in the widespread of  knowledge as it had offered to the world the first alphabet. Our ancestor who paved human civilization existence over distant past to present days.

Unfortunately, today Syria is facing an external as well internal conspiracy to distort leisure industry components. Plotters claim to be the owners of the tourism case.  The dimensions of this alleged affair are a revenge one. Taking revenge from a small country that was able to stand alone as bulwark against winds of submission and surrender to the planners will to reshape the region’s map, a scheme known as “New Middle East”.

Some parts of Syria are well known touristic attractions, dating back to BC centuries. Outstandingly those milestones arte unique, not even offered in countries that invaded our country leaving traces on our territories to the day, being an epoch witness. As matter of fact sightseeing in our country became the concern of tourists as well as archaeologists and historians.

It is worth mentioning that tourism new board has taken several actions and measures to encourage vacation industry. For instance, making tourists arrival to Syria easier both in terms of reducing residence charges, opening new markets, and improving leisure services. With a focus on promoting local tourism by making vacation costs in the range of medium to acceptable prices.

Finally, we all hope that this year tourism season will hold good news in its clear sunny sky despite the ongoing gloomy crisis. 

Haifaa Mafalani