HonoringMartyrs: A Colossal Sculpture


  In reverence to martyrs and martyrdom the sculptor Shafiq  Nofal has recently executed in shahba city a distinctive sculpture from Basalt stone.

Nofal engraved Shahba's martyrs names on the sculpture, identifying the art craft as “Martyr Stone”.

The stone weighing up to 3 tons with a height  estimated at 5 meters, scratched the names of the 125 martyrs, those who offered their breathes on behalf of their homeland independence and dignity. The onlooker will remark the Syrian soldier's helmet over the sculpture with a wing, referring to freedom and dignity.

During the ceremony, a number of youths chanted the national anthem and more homeland songs, handing over a petition printed by blood in supporting our heroic army and its firm stand in the face of our enemies.

the occasion was participated by martyrs' mothers and a number of concerned festivities from Shahba city . 

Nahla al-Maaz  _ al- Seweida governorate for Syriatimes