Campaign to Support Syrian Cultural Heritage by GFFE

DAMASCUS, (ST) - The Global Finance Fund of Edifices (GFFE) in New York listed three Syrian archaeological sites including the city of Aleppo, Al -Hosn Citadel an Al -Madiq Citadel. The General Directorate of Antiquities and Museums nominated these sites to be included in the list 'the spring of 2013'.

This step, according to a statement of the Directorate, to encourage financiers of projects related to cultural heritage around the world to support and finance the rehabilitation of these sites and repair damaged ones.

As part of the GFFE's efforts to contribute to the protection of the Syrian archaeological heritage, the Organization launched a campaign to collect five thousand signature in a letter of support addressed to the General Director of Antiquities and Museums, Dr. Maumoun Abdul Karim, succeeded, just two days after its launch,  to collect 4 thousand and 740 signatures of people interested in the Syrian antiquities and showed their desire to do what they can to prevent further damage and to assist in the rehabilitation efforts.

The text of the letter, addressed to Dr. Abdul Karim, says : "In war, human life is the ultimate goal but when the conflict ends, the cultural heritage plays an important role in helping to rebuild the lives of people that crashed as a result of these terrible events at home. We recognize your efforts and your colleagues to protect sites. We applaud the work of heritage experts who risk their safety to keep these sites under special circumstances, so we join all parts of the world and we stand with the people of Syria in recognition of the importance of their cultural heritage to Syria and the future of the world.

Sh. Kh.