Wadi al-Oyoun Waterfalls: Attractive tourist site beautifully ornamented with green algae


Located in the heart of a fascinating nature and close to human habitation areas, Wadi al-Oyoun (springs valley) waterfalls site is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in al-Sheikh Badr city of Tartous.

Walking, exploration and vacation lovers target the city of al-Sheikh Badr, the land of water and beauty, to enjoy the wonderful waterfalls scenery and the sound of fresh water falling and flowing among the rocks with the green carpet-like algae growing attractively on stairs-like rocks around the waterfalls.

 Only few people know about Wadi al-Oyoun waterfalls which are called so by some people, because of their proximity to the area of Wadi al-Oyoun. Some others call them the “Umbrella” waterfalls or the “Green Hat” waterfalls due to the natural erosion which contributed to forming shapes that resemble things we use in our daily life.

“What I like most is the pure water which resembles a bride dressed in bright white,” a persistent visitor said.

 The Syrian Countryside is very rich of attractive waterfalls, but, something special makes Wadi-Al-Oyoun waterfalls unique and different. It is the fact that they can be approached and anyone can touch the water, enjoy playing with water or even climb to the top without fearing to fall.

 What makes them more charming is the beautiful algae covering even the stones lying away from the waterfalls and adding smoothness to the rocks of the place.

 The most beautiful part of those waterfalls is the one designed by nature itself due to natural accumulations and collapses which later formed a very beautiful green umbrella of grasses and rocks.

Colors in this site are mixed and united to appear like pearls and sometimes like corals and white gold. In Spring these colorful gems become diverse as various kinds of flowers and plants bloom around those waterfalls.


Amal Farhat