British tourist documents the destruction caused to Palmyra due to terrorism

British tourist Lewis Crimten made a visit to the ancient city of Palmyra to see its historical sites and the extent of destruction that took place in the city as a result of the terrorist attacks of ISIS.

SANA quoted Crimten, who works as a director of marketing in one of the major commercial companies in Britain, as saying: “I came to Syria because I have a great desire to visit the famous archaeological and tourist sites in the country, especially the city of Palmyra that is known worldwide for its ancient and glorious history. I also aim at documenting the destruction that was caused to the country's archaeological sites due to ISIS terrorist attacks".

  Crimten expressed his great sorrow and pain as he witnessed the devastation of human culture by the enemies of thought, science and humanity.

He called on the international organizations concerned in archaeological restoration to reconstruct these historic monuments, which are the property of all humanity, pointing out that the Syrian people are good and hospitable and that they live a stable and safe life in contrast to what is being promoted by the Western media.

Amal Farhat