(Rami) Village .. Historic privacy and distinguished civil work

The village of "Rami", which is located in the eastern countryside of the province of Sweida, has a historical specificity dating back to the time of the Romans, as it was a reserve that they used to monitor the desert, in addition to the caves and the old inhabited houses.

At the present time, the village is distinguished by the civil and developmental action that was demonstrated through several initiatives and that contributed to the village's economic, social and cultural development, and thus its civilized role continues through time.


Rami village, which rises to about 1600 meters above the sea level and is located east of the ancient town of Al-Mashnaf, and is about 25 km away from the city of Sweida. It took its name from the word "Rama", meaning thick trees. According to one of its sons, Rafi Mukallad, the local community in the village sought to restore the green nature through an afforestation initiative for large areas of its lands.

Muqallad, who is the Secretary of the Sweida Governorate Council, told Sana that the expatriates from the village contributed to its architectural development, as the visitor sees houses decorated with the most beautiful decorations in harmony with its mountainous rural character, noting the projects that these expatriates contributed to establish and provide many job opportunities for the villagers and the province.

The head of Rami municipality council, Hikmat Muqallad, pointed out that the people of the village who came to it about two centuries ago boast of social solidarity and race to do everything that serves the public affairs, indicating that the people in cooperation with governmental institutions contributed to the construction of many service buildings, including a wedding hall and charitable a dispensary which serves the village and neighboring villages as well as a kindergarten and other services.

The village "Rami" includes large areas of arable land that are used to grow grains and crops, along with farmers association,  a branch of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent and a medical centre .

Haifaa Mafalani