11 Investment Projects Dedicated to Homs city at the Investment Forum

Homs, (ST) - New projects have been launched within the Tourism Investment Forum which has recently been held in Tartous governorate.

Homs Tourism Director, Eng. Ahmed Akkash said that five of these projects are for the city of Homs, six other projects for Palmyra. The number of these investment projects is (62) distributed in most Syrian cities.

With regard to the places of implementation of these projects, Akash said: The first project is in Palmyra, (Suryanta Complex), which is a commercial tourist complex with its accessories; (swimming pools, playgrounds, aquarium).The project total area is about 100 dunums.

There is also a project in Al Wa'er district, a popular tourism resort that includes an amusement park and terraces on an area of 13 dunums. In addition to an archaeological restaurant inside the city in Al- Ghouta district, Al-Tajaly Hotel (3 stars) in Kfram on an area of 7104 square meters and  Marmarita  Hotel that will be executed on an  area of 1350 square meters.

Akkash pointed out that these projects are ready to be implemented without any obstacles. He added that Palmyra's (6) projects (private property), includes many hotels that were damaged by terrorist groups attacks.

Akash stressed the importance of these forums in launching many projects that contribute to supporting the national economy in addition to providing job opportunities and activating the tourism market as well as improving the tourist infrastructure destroyed by terrorism during the long years of war.


Amal Farhat