An American tourist group visits the ancient city of Palmyra

Homs, (ST) - An American tourists group visited the ancient city of Palmyra.  They showed admiration for the city's features and monuments, expressing their pain and sorrow for the damage caused by ISIS terrorist attacks on some of its historic landmarks before it was defeated from the area.

The tourist group whose members advocate the peoples national causes and support their struggle against colonialism and the occupation forces, especially the Syrian and Palestinian peoples, visited the National Museum of Palmyra, the famous Temple of Bel, the Columns Street, the Archaeological Theater and  the headquarters of the Senate.

They documented the destruction of the most important historical monuments as a result of the terrorist attacks.

Dona Nassour, a psychiatrist who is of Syrian origin, said: "this is my second visit to Syria. What attracted my attention is that the situation in Syria has improved considerably after the defeat of terrorism and the return of a large number of displaced people to their areas", she expressed great pleasure at witnessing  the history and civilization of Palmyra.

Miss. Nassour showed great enthusiasm bringing tourist groups to Syria in general and to Palmyra in particular to see the civilization of Syria, noting that she is working with her group to support Syria in America and in international forums as well.

For his part, writer Henry, said: "I have come to Syria, the cradle of civilization and human history to apologize to the Syrian people for what America has done when it supported the sinful hands that devastated this genuine country," stressing that "he is confident that Syria will win in this unjust war, pointing out that Palmyra deserves more than a visit, calling on international organizations to contribute to the reconstruction of the archaeological sites destroyed by terrorists



Amal Farhat- Homs