French and Portuguese touristic group visiting Palmyra

Homs (ST)_ A group of 27 tourists from French and Portuguese nationalities, visited the ancient city of Palmyra.  They were astonished by its features and monuments; they noticed as well the damage of ISIS terrorist attacks on the ancient city ruins.

French professor John Pierre said that he was thrilled to see such a rare historic monument of one of the most ancient civilizations in the world; stressing his deep sadness to see scenes of destruction by the enemies of human culture, ISIS. He also thanked Syrian authorities for their concern and interest in the restoration of ruins and monuments of Palmyra after liberation from terroristic groups.

Mr. William Arthur, travel company director that organizes French trips to Syria, said: “Despite oppressors and haters of culture and history, as well as some media that distorted the facts, we will continue to bring tourism groups to Syria, the cradle of civilization.” He pointed out that his company is one of the first companies that sought to bring tourists to visit rare historical sites in Syria, especially the city of Palmyra, which is registered on the World Heritage List. “Because of our absolute belief in the safety and stability in Syria, even in the heart of the desert!” He exclaimed, expressing his hope that tourism in Syria will return to its previous brilliance.

For his part, the writer and poet Mr. Phillip showed his admiration for touristic sites he saw in Syria over the eight day tour. He also referred to the warmth and hospitality of the Syrian people, calling on the French people to visit Palmyra, which he described as a city of “fantasy and bright sun!”

Meanwhile, Portuguese photographer Luis Costan called for the contribution of international cultural organizations to the restoration of Palmyra's prominent ruins destroyed by terrorists, stressing that the ruins of Palmyra city that is surrounded by palm trees is a spectacular sight.


Interview: Amal Farhat