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Foreign tourists visiting Palmyra: We felt safe in Syria

Homs, (ST)-Within the context of the gradual return of the tourist movement to the Syrian archaeological sites, a foreign tourist group visited the ancient city of Palmyra and documented the destruction caused to the city by the systematic attacks of the terrorist organization "Daesh" before it was defeated from the area by the Syrian Arab Army.

Members of the tourist group, who are of different nationalities, visited Palmyra National Museum, the famous Temple of Baal, the Column Street, the Archaeological Theater, the Seat of the Senateand other historical monuments.

“I came to Palmyra because I love history and human heritage. I saw the destruction caused by the enemies of science and human culture to these relics,” said Robin Klock from Germany, who is a specialist in architecture, pointing out that during his 7-day stay in Syria, he felt the safety, stability and the love of the Syrian people. “This is what I will convey to my friends in Germany,” he added.

 Sergia, from Mexico, couldn’t hide his happiness when he arrived in Syria as he enjoyed moving safely. He said that everything he saw was beautiful and surprising, expressing his sadness over the destruction of the historical landmarks of Palmyra by Daesh terrorist organization.

Robinia, a bank employee from Canada, said that her dream to visit Palmyra has become true, expressing her delight to see the historical sites, that reflect the region's rich civilizations and cultures, and to meet nice and lovely people.

 She stressed that the terrorist organization “Daesh” committed unforgivable crimes against the city of Palmyra and its human heritage, pointing out that the whole world should know this because these monuments are the property of all humanity and protecting them is the responsibility of all.

It is worth mentioning that since the return of security and stability to Palmyra, the historical city has witnessed numerous visits by media and tourist delegations, because it is considered as one of the oldest historical cities in the world and one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Amal Farhat- Homs