Gold... Examination of Femininity

Orient’s Heritage guards series

How do we form it for you?

A man is tested by a woman, and a woman is tested by gold. This great metal has seduced, seduces, and will seduce the hearts of all humans especially women. Is there a marriage without a golden wedding ring? Is a groom safe from women’s gossip if the paneling is not good enough?! Gold is the base of global economic exchange, the measure of personal wealth, and the insurance if no paper money is available.

Gold is the king of metal, the head crown, the symbol of wealth, a decoration and a treasury.

Has the color of the sun, its sparkle makes you love looking at it, the reserve of it is how to measure the economy of nations, and whoever owns it owns with it its fear.

Chemically uncreative it is, one of the best metals for electrical conductivity in Physics, heat reflective metal, and inflexibility it is knocked and grabbed. It deservedly broke into the world of science, used by inventors in the rationalization of energy, electronics, medical devices, and even in beauty masks. Finally it broke into the world of aviation and space.

The story of human beings from extracting gold from the soles of the seventh land, passing through most wonderful crafted and created designs contested over by global designers leading to the heart of women and space.

The cameraman and the director of “Syria Times” newspaper went through one of the largest houses of gold drafting in Syria and a factory for the global company “Tyba” for the formulation of gold. We offer you rare images and golden words:

Gold formulators

My father told me that in the old days jeweler approaches had to practice by trying their torso with a belt which was attached to a piece of cold so that touches the gold.

Jeweler Mr. “Shawki Nemer” (73 years) talks about the old ways of formulating gold so he says: “ways of formulating gold were very primitive in terms of tools and work mechanism as well as the fuel used for melting. We used to pour gold in a steel container to be melted on coal fuel, and then we pull it by hand on iron sheets and weld it by kerosene when we put it in a tank bowl with a wick of cotton. By the process of mouth blowing, we get out the piece using a puree broad from the head and with a narrow head, now we weld the pieces and form simple models, and that is when we polish the piece with “Albonzah” which is a substance put on woolen fibers. The formulation of a single gold piece requires lot of effort, time, and energy. We often suffered from diseases especially respiratory because of inhaling the soot of melting gold and the process of blowing.” About the forms of gold that were prevalent in the last century Mr. “Nemer” said: “the pieces were very limited and formulated by request. It is nominal and most famous names are: polygonal bracelets/ bracelets of diamond precision/ accuracy bracelets/ tank bracelets/ English pounds bracelets/ All of this for women, as for men: a ring with the Syrian eagle was a masterpiece for every man to boast about.”

Golden Talk

How is today’s gold formulated? A question answered by the jeweler Mr. “Samir Haddad” saying: “First a model is painted on paper, second it is designed by hand sculpturing on wax, the sculptured candle then moved to the template and cooked with rubber or silicon, finally we get the required number. We put in order the candles in the form of a tree and we set the gypsum on it, so we get what is called “Alrezeek” we melt the gold and form it, finally we start webbing, welding, installing stones, and polishing with “Ultrasonic”

A Golden Heritage

The goldsmith Mr. “Lorenzo Saad” says: “The formulation of gold is a real pleasure, for the luster and charm is captivating, dealing with it is pure creativity, and despite the historical transformation it went through, we still enjoy old labels like: The man who designs the model was called “Alsadji”, the one who places the stones was called “Almrakabati” and he has the best of luck in keeping the heritage of old formulation where his work is still 100% purely manual

Words of Pure Gold

When the camera flash light reflects on the glow and luster of gold, you must close your eyes due to the emitted light; you will open your heart to hear the golden speech of the jeweler and manager of Tiba Company for gold formulation Mr. “Yaser Alhalabi” who says: “Gold is associated with joy, happiness and satisfaction. The most beautiful moment in selling gold is that moment when a bride stretches her hand to try on her ring or ornament with the feeling of elation and happiness in her eyes. No matter what size the piece is, this metal can make joy. Although it is 0.005 pm of the earth’s crust, but it occupies both the core and the peel of a woman’s heart especially eastern women. The factors of a piece’s price range between the standard of gold, its weight, its design, and the formulation cost. Most of the gold caliber used today is / 18 / where it is more flexible than / 21 / in placing the stones. About how we /Tiba a name of gold/ deal with stones, we have calculated the weight of the stone on the basis of the weight of gold which is very unique. To maintain the glamor of the golden piece, it is put away from water, dust, cosmetics, washing, and chemicals and away from other metals. In spite of the features of this gold, it is preferred to be put on fabric and not directly on solid objects. Gold deserves care for it is a forever lasting metal despite the possibility of its reformulation”


Interviewed by: Haifaa Mafalani