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Syria will establish new sea port in South Tartous

The Ministry of Transport constituted a committee of many parties concerned to study the issue of setting up a multi-purpose port at al-Hamidiyah area in Tartous Governorate. The committee’s task will be determining the location of port.

The committee comprises representatives of the Regional Planning Commission, the International Cooperation and Planning Commission, the Ministry of Local Administration, the Ministry of Tourism and Homs Governorate.  

Many foreign companies made many offers in this regard, most of important was the contract offered by the Iranian Katam al-Anbia’a company.

 The Ministry of transport held a number of meetings with this Iranian company to study the establishment of the port in the South of Tartous Governorate near the Lebanese borders.

The parties concerned underlined the importance of setting up such a port in funding the basic infrastructure projects away from the state budget.

During the meeting held recently between the two parties, the committee saw the site of the port “at Ein al-Zarqa’a north al-Hamidiyah”. The selected place will achieve the desired goals as the sea front there covers 2.5 kilometers.


Inas Abdulkareem