Syria Times reporters visited the Food Street activity which is part of the “Cham Gather Us” Festival.

On July 16, the 2nd session of “Cham Gathers Us” Festival kicked off in Tishreen Park in Damascus.

The Food Street presents a wide range of Syrian and western dishes for food enthusiasts.

“About 25 restaurants from Damascus participated in the 90m-long Food Street. The food shops present Damascene food such as Yalange, TaboullahHaraq bi Asboua’aou, roasted chicken, westernfast food sandwiches, pizza, ice cream, sweets, Sushi, Onion Chips, fresh juices, and others,” Firas al-Omeri, the Director of Food Street activity said to Syria Times.


“I got the idea of Choco Shakes ice cream from China and opened a shop for the first time in the Food Street. I want to offer visitors a new kind of ice cream,” said Firas al-Omeri who runs the Choco Shakes shop.

Baflay Burger Shop

Visitors who are buying their foods and sandwiches sit at wooden-made chairs and tables opposite to the food shops.

There are dozens of visitors who take their food plates and sandwiches into the Shades Coffee Shop where they can eat their food and later order cold fresh juices ,soft drinks, hot drinks and smoke Narjellah.

“The Shades Coffee Shop opens everyday from 6pm to 12 midnight welcoming visitors of Food Street. About 500 visitors come to the Coffeeshop to smoke Narjellah and order different kinds of fresh juices and cocktails,”said  NabilEdrees, manager of Shades Groups. Shades Groups have three coffee shops in Mezze, Sha’alan and KafarSousah.

The End of Food Street.



Reported and Photos by: Obaida al-Mohammad -InasAbdulkareem