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Western tourist group: Palmyra is a human heritage and we invite everyone to visit it

Within the framework of the return of tourist movement to the Syrian Archaeological sites, a group of foreign tourists has lately visited the archeological city of Palmyra. The members of the group were from different nationalities: French, British, Italian, Dutch, Irish, Australian, Canadian, German, Norwegian and Slovakian. They reviewed the archaeological sites and the residential city and documented the devastation caused by the systematic attacks of the terrorist organization "Daesh" before it was defeated from the area by the brave Syrian Army.

Benjamin Crowley, from Australia and the director of the tourist group told SANA reporter in Palmyra: “This is my second visit to Palmyra, I   have always been curious about Palmyra and it's rare historical monuments. The Syrian people are so loving and hospitable and we will encourage all people to visit Syria, the cradle of civilizations.

Patrick from France, a computer engineer said: “I am very astonished by the beauty and greatness of the history of the ancient civilization of Syria, I have a strong desire to visit it again and again. He also stresses that he will never forget the taste of the famous Syrian food .He expressed his hopes that Syria will recover quickly and become stronger and better and he will return to visit Syria one more time.

Fadi Assi, the tourist guide who accompanied the group, explained that tourism has started to return to Syria through Palmyra gate and that the archaeological sites destroyed by  the terrorists attacks will continue to be a witness  of the attachment of humanity to beauty and love.

Assi expressed that tourists have always had a great desire to visit Syria which it is the incubator for different religions and civilizations that attract lovers of history and nature.