"Our Country is Beautiful in our Eyes" 2019

"Our Country is Beautiful in our Eyes" is the title of an activity kicked off last month under the patronage of Tourism Ministry in order to introduce Syrian tourist and cultural attractions and activate tourist and cultural sectors.

The activity, held for the second year running, aimed at helping youths and children develop and enhance their talents and capabilities to disseminate the culture of promoting the values of Syrian cultural heritage monuments.

Its program included competition, training, closing ceremony and distribution of certificates and awards, according to a press release sent to the Syria Times e-newspaper by the Media Coordinator of the activity Mr. Firas Qasqas.

Four participants, out of 102 ones, were selected by the jury of the competition program and they were honored in the closing ceremony organized by Development and Family Consultant Mrs. Rahaf Tasabehji in cooperation with 'Like Lego' company in Sheraton Hotel in Damascus last Wednesday.  

Basma Qaddour