The Castle and Valley Festival concluded its activities

Ala’a Eddin band coming from Lattakia took part in the Castle and Valley Festival and presented a various theatrical comic show and acrobatics at the Cultural Center in Marmarita.

The show, which had educational and social aims, highlighted the importance of education, studying and self cleanliness.

 “The 6- actor band was founded in 1990 as a theater for children”, Head and Director of Ala’a Eddin band Ali Ala’a Eddin pointed out adding that the band is currently working to present a show for children with special needs.

The activities included water games and skiing shows with the participation of 7 athletes at al Al- Mazina dam. Homs Tourism Director Ahmed Akkash said that these show were presented for the first time due to the high level of water in the dam after the current season’s heavy rains, referring to the rising number of tourists coming from the expatriate countries in the current season.

The festival’s activities were accompanied with a an exhibition of flowers ,a musical performance by the dancers of the province’s  club with the participation of  75 children of different ages from the Province Club for Folklore  in the courtyard of the educational complex in Al Hawash.

The 50-person Saydat al-Wadi Coral presented many religious and national songs articulating the values of love, brotherhood and peaceful coexistence.

Bishop of the Valley and Director of the Coral Elia Nameh said that the band took part in many festivals inside Syria and is now preparing to participate in Jordan. The Band is characterized by their spontaneity and variety of work.

The second sculpture forum concluded its activities at al- Hawash Private University with the participation of sculptors from several governorates. The Forum included 10 sculptures dealing with national and human issues and these will be distributed in villages and towns of the Valley.

Inas Abdulkareem