Al-Nofara Cafe

In old Damascus lays, by the entrance of al-Qaymaria quarter and the Eastern gate of Umayyad Mosque, Al Nofara Cafe (Fountain ), one of Syria's oldest and most famous Café which is usually filled with noisy chatter and music.

The cafe was called “AL NOFARA” because there was a fountain nearby; it flowed at a height of 4 to 5 meters. The fountain stopped flowing because it was fed by Yazied River and this river dried up 50 years ago.

Al-Nofara cafe, with its chairs made by beech, small round tables with ancient design, takes you back in time to hundreds of years. The cafe serves Narjelah (Shisha) and mainly Turkish coffee and tea in small glasses. Another reason that makes you pay al-Nofara a visit is the storyteller (al-hakawati) who shares ancient tales in the evenings. Despite the narrow area of the cafe, it is quite famous due to its long history. The cafe was first established 250 years ago. It was the only cafe that could maintain its original shape.

Al Nofara has two setting areas, indoor and outdoor. The busiest area is the outdoor one because most people prefer to sit outdoor terrace to enjoy watching the walkers and the old city.

There is no decoration in the Cafe, only big ancient stones and mud and it is supported by wood. It has displayed several art fairs for famous Syrian painters due to its charming atmosphere which attract visitors.


Lara Khouli