"Love and Peace for Syria" Motorcycle Rally Toured Syrian Provinces to Encourage Tourism

With the participation of 100 local and Arab motorcyclists the Syrian Motorcycle Club has recently organized “the Rally of Love and Peace for Syria” under the patronage  of the Ministry of Tourism.

The four-day rally started from the resort of Yafour in the countryside of Damascus to Omayyad Square, Ma’arat Sidnaya  and Maaloula and continued to Homs province where bikers visited Wadi Al-Nasara and Crac Des Chevaliers and then continued their way to Lattakia province to visit important tourism sites including the town of Samra passing through Wadi Qandeel, Captain Wissam Rabah, Supervisor of the rally, told Syriatimes e-newspaper during the rally's tour in Lattakia.

 He said “the rally aims at reactivating the tourism movement which is now witnessing gradual recovery after eight years of brutal war on Syria”.

Captain Rabah underscored that with security being restored to most Syrian areas by the Syrian Arab Army, the bikers visited a number of archeological and the most important tourism landmarks and attractions in Syria.


The Syriatimes e-newspaper interviewed a number of bikers who expressed their pleasure to see Syria as a vibrant country despite the hard circumstances it has faced.

From Lebanon Captain Einayyat Skaff stressed that participation in the rally sends a message to the world saying that security and stability have begun to be restored to the country, calling for visiting Syria to see the real situation on ground.

Captain Saleh Al-Khabbaz from Bahrian underscored that the rally is an important initiative to reactivate tourism in Syria which enjoys a charming nature and has attractive tourism destinations that are worth visiting .

Captain of Homs Motorcyclists team Ali Sulieman highlighted that holding the rally affirmed that the Syria is a strong country and will be the country of stability and security thanks to the Syrian people’s steadfastness and determination to protect their country.

Interviewed by : Rawaa Ghanam