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Amrit ...... The Story of the Phoenician Creativity on the Mediterranean Coast

(ST)- From the Syrian coast on the Mediterranean, Phoenicians have created the greatest achievements of civilization through the history of mankind. Amrit, which is located near the city of Tartous on the coast of the eastern Mediterranean, is a vivid example showing the story of this Phoenician creativity to the whole world.

Amrit, which means in the Canaanite language architecture and construction, was one of the most prominent cities of the Canaanite coast in the Levant.

It was described as one of the most important cities of the East which was thriving in a way similar to the cities of the Greek coast on the Aegean Sea.

Amrit is the only integrated Phoenician city in the world. It is one of the most important archaeological sites along the Syrian coast. It has had a significant cultural contribution that is still represented by its varied antiquities and artifacts.

Architectural Description

Among the prominent monuments in Amrit are Tel Amrit, the Temple, the sacred basin and the burial chambers.

 Amrit's deep-rooted monuments are really of great historical significance. They represent tourist attraction. The Temple, for example, which is carved in a rocky layer overlooking the slop of the right bank of Amrit River, dates back to the 6th century BC. It is an architectural wonder.

The construction of the burial chambers in Amrit was influenced by the Egyptian pharaoh, Greek and Persian art of building and a proof of the depth of its economic and cultural relations with those civilizations in the east, north and south.

Amal Farhat