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Spanish Tourists: Syria Enjoys Charming Nature

 LATTAKIA, (ST)- Eight years of  brutal war on Syria have badly impacted the country's tourism sector. But, with security being restored to most areas by the Syrian Arab army in cooperation with its allies, the tourism movement is reactivated and is now witnessing gradual recovery through visits by tourists groups coming from different parts of the world.

The tourist groups' visits to Syria, which is considered as one of the most important historical, cultural and tourism destinations, send the world a message saying that security and stability have begun to be restored to the country.

A Spanish tourist group recently visited Lattakia province and toured a number of archaeological and tourism sites there. Members of the group wanted to know about the tourism situation in Syria away from what has been circulated about it by western media outlets.

 The tourists visited the historic city of Ugarit in Ra’as Shamra area and the Salah Eddin Citadel  in Lattakia countryside. They expressed admiration over the sites they visited and the over state of security and stability in most Syrian provinces.

Alicta, one of the tourists who works as a cosmetic doctor, told SANA correspondent that it was her first visit to Syria and that she was fond of the distinguished tourist and historical sites of the region and she wanted to know about its ancient heritage, mainly Syria, particularly after the archeological cities of Palmyra and Bosra were inscribed into the list of UNESCO world heritage .

 "Syria is a beautiful country that enjoys a charming nature and the Syrian people are friendly and they are capable of rebuilding their country despite the hard circumstances they have faced," she said.

"What encouraged me to come to Syria was my desire to see the real situation on ground, which has proved to be contrary to what has been rumored about Syria in western media ” Alicta said, noting that Lattakia is famous for being the most beautiful coastal cities.

She called on her friends to come to Syria and tour the charming tourist archeological sites, affirming that Syria is a wonderful country and its people are generous and hospitable .

Alicta underscored that she will visit Syria again because it is an attractive tourist destination that are worth visiting, urging the Syrian people to protect their beautiful country because it deserves the best.

On his part, tourist Jabier, a professor of mathematics who is also interested in physics and astronomy, said he wanted to come to Syria to visit the city of Ugarit where the first manuscript about the moon and the movement of the planets was discovered.

Tourist Francisco, who is an engineer and information technology ( IT) consultant, pointed out that he found the general situation in the country safe and stable for a country that faced heinous war.

Francesco expressed his admiration over the Syrian people’s strength, steadfastness and determination to rebuild their country despite the huge destruction caused by the brutal war.

Before Lattakia, the Spanish tourist group had visited old Damascus, Maaloula, Sednaya, Deir Mar Moussa and the ancient city of Bosra.

They expressed sadness over the vandalism and destruction caused to the Syrian archeological places, and cultural heritage by Daesh terrorist organization, the enemy of the humanity.

Rawaa Ghanam