Setting-up The Tourism Development Directorate


Within the framework of attaining further service,social, and economic benefits from the tourism sites, the Tourism Ministry recently established the Ttourism Development Directorate with the purpose of making contacts with the concerned sides whose task is making tourism development plans in general, and drawing the plan of local and regional development  in particular.

 In cooperation with experts from the culture ministry and the archaeology directorate,

The tourism development directorate worked out a draft law on setting-up the general commission of the culture heritage. The draft law aims at administrating, circulating and investing the archeological sites as well as observing the traditional crafts.

Due to the current crisis Syria is witnessing the tourism development directorate participated in preparing a study on the armed terrorist groups' acts of destroying the museums and the archeological sites.

The tourism development directorate exerted every possible efforts with the purpose of encouraging the people and the local society to be steadfast in protecting Syria's heritage and the archeological sites against the terrorists groups savage aggression.

The tourism development directorate is currently discussing plans of promoting the situation of  traditional crafts as well as means of increasing their activities in the tourism development sites.These plans aim at creating more job opportunities, attaining economic benefits for the local citizens as well as highlighting the deep-rooted of Syria's archeological sites.