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Al-Kafroun : a Wonderful Painting Created by Nature

AL-Kafroun is one of the most important tourist areas in Syria. 

The village consists of seven lanes called "Kavareen " these lanes are : zriek , Bashour , Rafqa , Haider , saadeh , Beit Badra and Karkar springs.

The beauty of nature , as well as, the abundance of water give al-Kafroun a special importance in tourism field .Its permanent flowing  rivers cross a very beautiful valley covered with trees . Among  the most important rivers in Kafroun are : cheir ,sheikh Hassan and bride spring . 

AL-Kafroun and the surrounding villages are considered among the oldest areas in history which witnessed the civilizations of the  Phoenician , Romans and Byzantines.

There are a lot of Byzantine archaeological sites in Al-Kafroun including the stone arches and water wells which were dug according to the ancient Roman  style .

Kafroun, unfortunately,  is sparsely populated village, especially in Winter , because its people , like the rest of the villagers, are residing in the surrounding cities to follow their work and earn their living .


Amal Farhat