Bab Kisan

Bab Kisan is one of the eight ancient city-gates of Damascus. It is located on the southeastern side of the Old Damascus City as a witness on the Damascene architectural masterworks and great civilization. It was known as Saturn Gate in the Roman period or Saint Paul Gate.

On the history of Bab Kisan, the researcher Father Metri Haji said that It was believed to be built in the Roman Era. It constitutes the southern entrance to the main street from the north "bab al-Zahra" to the south "Bab Touma". It is a straight Roman road with corridors built on stone columns topped with Corinthian crowns. The visitors are able to see Bab Kisan straightly while standing at Bab Touma to the north-west.

He added that the gate centered between two elegant and modern Chi-Rho monograms adorn the fortified towers that stand on either side of a fictitious window.

According to Ibn Asakir, Damascus' seven gates symbolize the seven planets and each gate holds the symbol of each planet. Saturn is the only surviving symbol to date embellishing the wall of Bab Kisan which explains the reason for its other name "Saturn Gate".

Bab Kisan is also famous for its biblical association with St. Paul. It dates back to the 4th century AC. According to Christians, it was the escape route of St. Paul from the angry of its opponents having himself lowered in a basket from the gate.

Reviewing historic books, the present name of the gate honors one of Muawiyah Bin Abu Sufian's leaders named Kisan who has done well escaping the siege behind Saturn Gate which named later after his name.