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Brchin: Where Mountain and Valley Meet in one Place


Brchin is one of the important resorts in Syria since it is mediating three provinces which are "Homs-Hama and Tartous.

It is distinguished for its charming nature, archeological and religious sites such as St.George church which dated back to the year 1889 AD.

Thanks to its location which rises about 900 m above the sea level and its moderate climate, compared to the surrounding areas , as well as the availability of the complementary infrastructure  for tourism elements like canteens , hotels and apartments for rent , it has become a destination for tourists and holidaymakers in summer.

Brachin's charming nature combines mountains and valleys which are dotted with cultivation of  fruit trees such as vine, peach, apricot  and apple.

 The village production capacity of apple  reaches 20 thousand tons per year . The village hosted " Apple Festival', which was held in Sahara Tourist Compound on 27|8|2008 .

There are several domestic industries related to the villagers' agricultural products such as: apple cider vinegar , raisins and molasses.