Life Skills ... A national program of the Ministry of Culture that seeks to rehabilitate children affected in wartime

Damascus,(ST)- Since its launch eight years ago, the Life Skills program has sought to rehabilitate and take care of  Syrian children who are affected by the terrorist war. The program starts from Damascus and covers most of the Syrian governorates.

Regarding the  targeted children in wartime and the role of the life skills program, writer Nahla El-Souso underlined the importance of the program in easing the effects of war on our children  as the terrorists  launched their first slogan “no study or education”. Terrorists also displaced families from their homes and forced children to watch violence acts..

Foreign Tourists: Syria has Unique Tourist Sites

For the first time after the liberation of the ancient city of Palmyra from terrorism, a group of tourists from Thailand visited the city and viewed its history and its cultural and human heritage,   and documented the effects of the devastation of the historical monuments due to the attacks of the Takfiri “ISIS organization.

"What the terrorists did in Palmyra is a destruction of human culture," said tourist Neo, who works as an expert in an oil company. He called on international organizations specialized in protecting human heritage to seek the reconstruction of these historic monuments as they were before..

1460 Schools Have Been Rehabilitated in the Areas Liberated from Terrorism in Aleppo

The education sector in the Syrian province of Aleppo, which has been targeted by the systematic terror attacks of terrorist organizations during the eight-year war on Syria , is now on amend gradually  after the province was liberated from terrorism by the Syrian Arab Army.

All  the  foreign-backed  terrorism  schemes  to spread obscurantist ideas   have failed and  since Aleppo was declared  free of terrorism 1460 schools were rehabilitated  and reopened to receive   more than  565.000 students.

 "The number of schools operating in Aleppo before the war was  4040 schools and the number of students reached one million and 263 thousand students”  .. Ibrahim Masso , Head of Education Directorate in Aleppo clarified  to SANA correspondent .

Rehabilitation and restoration of Al-Khabiya Market, in Aleppo

Aleppo, ST- The rehabilitation and restoration  works of Al-Khabia Souk, which has been damaged by terrorism, are  proceeding  to encourage the return of commercial activities to it and restore the commercial life to this important  market, which includes more than one hundred shops.

Updating the database and qualifying human cadres, the first steps in developing the national plan for regional planning

Damascus, ST- Within the framework of the reconstruction phase in Syria, it is necessary to have a national plan for housing and building taking into consideration the demographic, constructional and economic changes, which requires the participation of all concerned parties to provide the necessary data and tools.

The national project for Regional Planning represents the key to the preparation mechanism of this plan, as the executive and temporal program for it was approved last April by the Supreme Council for Regional Planning.

Deputy Minister of Public Works and Housing Mary Claire Al-Tali explained to SANA that the plan is based on updating the national spatial planning database in various sectors especially its  demographic, building, economic, natural, environmental and cultural axes. The plan also aims to define areas of major constructional communities as well as tourism, environmental and cultural heritage protection.