The Guardian Angel (10)

 The path of President Bashar Al-Assad has been clearly outlined and mapped out to the tune of the Syrian masses and interests. Al-Assad's path of pragmatism, transparency, sovereignty, justice, peace, reason, and secularity has been targeted by almost every non-objective jealous leader!

The Syria Al-Assad's path has been made during more than 4 decades and especially made for the Syrians to follow. It is the path of sacrifices, martyrdom, work, and challenges. On this very path, not only the majority of the Syrians but every Syrian has been admitted to everywhere and every post in Syria. Learning has been for all and principles of equity prevailed. Syria has been moved from coup plagued country belonging to the elite of families from some cities into Syria for all families from all and every city.

Thus, the Syrians hand in hand continued and pursued the path; to the disappointment of the ewes, particularly of the Saudi and Qatari folks, and of course the old-new-colonials and US. These forces of evil allied themselves with their own made  cannibals and terrorists  as to end Syria. President Bashar Al-Assad has stood up to his words and principles; a fierce defense of His Syria and Syrians. He has been the Guardian Angel defending his country and people.

H.E. President Al-Assad masterfully defeated the aggressors inside Syria as well as in Iraq, Lebanon. President Al-Assad represented a phenomenon of nationalism, and thus he was the target. Those among the stupid who attacked him did not know that every national, honest and sincere person is but President Bashar himself, who is the only president in the world where one expects to see him alone driving his own car and with no body guard at all. Yes, His Excellency President Al-Assad is the Syrians guardian angel, and the majority of Syrians are his own bodyguards. Yes, our souls and blood we sacrifice for Bashar Al-Assad, under his leadership at least ISIS and Al-Qaeda affiliates  cannot eat our livers.

Better late than never! Hopefully the enemies of humanity, success and civilization would spare Syria during this presidential term the more of their presents of death and destruction. The Syrians are determined under the leadership of President Al-Assad, to pursue the path and continue the march of correction, reform and construction.

 Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim