The Guardian Angel (6)

Syria’s Hope, Lt. Gen. Bashar Hafez Al-Assad threw his hat on July17, 2000, into the ring of regional and international politics as to continue the march of construction and modernization initiated and closely watched over by his father, President Hafez Assad. The legacy of the late President would ever illuminate the path for Syrians and all the honest; hence, President Bashar Hafez Al-Assad’s inauguration speech came as a landmark strategy and mechanism of action at all levels and fields. H.E reiterated Syria’s ever cling to the realization of just and comprehensive peace on the related UNSC resolutions, the full return of the land to line of June4 1967 lines, calling on Mideast peace sponsor to actively and evenhandedly be engaged in the process and for more Arab solidarity, cooperation and coordination.

The text of President Bashar Al-Assad's  historic speech underscored scores of principles, ideas, noble and sacred issues:

We call upon the United States to play its full role as an honest broker and a cosponsor of the peace process. Pressure has to be exerted in order to implement the resolutions of international legitimacy with all the legitimate rights they dictate for the Lebanese, the Syrian and Palestinian people.

We would like to stress here that we have the urge to reach a state of peace but we are not ready to give up an inch of our territory nor do we accept our sovereignty to be impinged upon.

We would like to achieve peace because it is our strategic choice and because the Syrian people have always been, through history, peace lovers and because we would love to restore our beloved Golan complete and because we want its people to go back to their homes, but we are not ready to give up an inch of our territory nor to achieve peace at the expense of our national sovereignty.

Our brave people on the Golan will always be today and tomorrow and forever Arab Syrians because no matter how long it might take this land will always be ours and will be returned complete to us one day sooner or later.

We are not prepared to pay the price of the helplessness of the Israeli governments and their inability to make decisions that push the peace process forward at the expense of our sovereignty and dignity.

The ball of peace which they throw at different courts according to their whims is a heavy ball and carrying it needs statesmen who are able to make difficult decisions and not just people in offices who carry this ball with them wherever they might be and it moves around and they move with their political posts.

The policy of adhering to the principles of international legitimacy requires the United Nations to carry out its mission as mentioned in its Charter in an objective way and away from different points of influence that might limit the implementation of these principles in the best way possible in order to reach a world with no conflicts and no points of tension, a world where peace, justice and democracy prevail among countries and in which dialogue is deepened and broadened among different civilizations in the world of today.

The North rich countries should shoulder their human responsibilities towards the countries of the South with the aim of reaching a more secure, a more confident and as a result a more stable world.

We look forward to building the strongest relations with the states, peoples and international organizations on the basis of mutual respect and constructive cooperation and the safeguarding of international peace and security basing our relations on the rights of people to self-determination in a way that secures their lively interest.

The sons of our military forces, the guardians of our country, the source of our pride and the symbol of bravery and heroism who were and will remain to be ready to defend our country and support our brothers. Our military forces shall remain an example of honor, and perfect national and responsible behavior and shall always remain the focus of our great attention in order to remain able to carry out their duties whenever they are called upon.

All our love and appreciation to the members of our glorious army and our high respect and loyalty to the innocent martyrs who fell in battles of honor and duty.

we say to our brave people on the Golan who cling tenaciously to their country and their Arab nationality rejecting Zionist existence in all its forms we are with you and our steadfastness together is the guarantee that our land will be liberated.

In Lebanon, the brave national resistance wrote the best anthem of heroism and martyrdom and shall always remain in its path and achievement and example that will live long with future generations.

Our dear people, My trust in you is infinite and so is my love to you.

The man you have known and loved some of his merits and exchanged trust and love with him will not change at all once he assumes his post. He came out of the people and lived with them and shall remain one of them. You may expect to see him everywhere whether in the work place or on the streets or in your picnics in order to learn from you and sharpen his determination by his contact with you and shall work for you as he has always done. The man who has become a president is the same man who was a doctor and an officer and first and foremost is the citizen.

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim