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The Guardian Angel (3)

Syria’s Hope, Lt. Gen. Bashar Hafez Al-Assad threw his hat on July17, 2000, into the ring of regional and international politics as to continue the march of construction and modernization initiated and closely watched over by his father, President Hafez Assad. The legacy of the late President would ever illuminate the path for Syrians and all the honest; hence, President Bashar Hafez Al-Assad’s inauguration speech came as a landmark strategy and mechanism of action at all levels and fields. H.E reiterated Syria’s ever cling to the realization of just and comprehensive peace on the related UNSC resolutions, the full return of the land to line of June4 1967 lines, calling on Mideast peace sponsor to actively and evenhandedly be engaged in the process and for more Arab solidarity, cooperation and coordination.

The text of President Bashar Al-Assad's  historic speech underscored scores of principles, ideas, noble and sacred issues:

President Hafez al-Assad was able during the last three decades to put a general strategy that responded to the various needs of desired development; a strategy that covered different sectors.

Honesty and transparency are required.

Finding solutions is the responsibility of all of us in order to make these solutions complete and effective.

Let us work together as one team.

Our aspirations will not be properly fulfilled unless we emphasize the role of institutions in our lives.

Democracy is our duty towards others before it becomes a right for us. Democratic thinking is the building and the structure.

Administrative reform is a pressing need for all of us today. Inefficient administration today is the greatest impediment in the way of our march towards a better development.

Improving the administrative systems and their frameworks, through increasing the level of efficiency of the administrative and professional cadres and through putting an end to the state of carelessness, passiveness and evasion of carrying out one's duty.

There is no escape from bringing the careless, the corrupt and the evil doers to justice.

This also requires the improvement of the accountability apparatus in the country in order to make it more effective and to support it with the appropriate resources.

The importance of the energized role of your Parliament in correcting the work of different institutions through pointing to the points of weakness and inefficiency and following up the process of correcting it in a positive way.

The important role of the judicial system and the necessity to support it with the clean and efficient cadres so that it may play its full role in order to achieve justice and guard the freedoms of citizens and the proper implementation of laws.

The work of institutions is closely linked, the fact that requires also a close link between the mind that governs and organizes the work of each institution such as the institutional mentality, the democratic mentality and transparency that starts in the home and grows or recedes through the circumstances of daily life.

Society is the fertile soil in which we sow our seeds; as for the fruits we reap in institutions. Hence, the better the seeds we sow the better and fresher the fruits we reap.

The task of the state is to prepare the suitable and appropriate ground for the seeds to grow. It also has to provide the best circumstances for this growth and to guarantee that the fruits remain fresh (which is the most important stage) so that our society may benefit from them; otherwise they will go off and become rotten and a source of illness and disease.

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim