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The Guardian Angel (1)

Syria’s Hope, Lt. Gen. Bashar Hafez Al-Assad threw his hat on July17, 2000, into the ring of regional and international politics as to continue the march of construction and modernization initiated and closely watched over by his father, President Hafez Assad. The legacy of the late President would ever illuminate the path for Syrians and all the honest; hence, President Bashar Hafez Al-Assad’s inauguration speech came as a landmark strategy and mechanism of action at all levels and fields. H.E reiterated Syria’s ever cling to the realization of just and comprehensive peace on the related UNSC resolutions, the full return of the land to line of June4 1967 lines, calling on Mideast peace sponsor to actively and evenhandedly be engaged in the process and for more Arab solidarity, cooperation and coordination.

The text of President Bashar Al-Assad's  historic speech underscored scores of principles, ideas, noble and sacred issues:

Thanking the Almighty God for granting us the strength in this resolute country and for providing us with the appropriate means that helped us bear the painful tragedy that has befallen all of us.

Thank you all for the precious trust you have put in me and which you have expressed through your endorsement of what was contained in the letter from the Regional Leadership of the Baath Arab Socialist Party that included nominating me to the post of President of the Republic.

Appreciating all the efforts you have exerted in your deliberations relating to the contents of this letter, these deliberations that revealed your high sense of responsibility and your abundant feeling of love for your country.

Special thanking to all our people, men and women, old and young, inside and outside Syria who bestowed upon me their trust through voting in the referendum and through their active participation in this national duty… for all the love and loyalty they expressed to me which had a great effect on me and granted me strength and optimism in the future.

The result of the referendum is an expression of the will of the people and there is nothing I can do except to respond to the will of the people and to willingly accept to carry the mission I am asked to carry and shoulder the burdens and tasks related to fulfilling my duty during these very delicate and sensitive circumstances which our country, our nation and the world at large are going through at the moment.

I shall try my very best to lead our country towards a future that fulfils the hopes and legitimate ambitions of our people.

These tasks are both very difficult and very easy. These tasks are very easy because the great leader, Hafez al-Assad has prepared for us a firm ground, solid basis and a great heritage of values and principles which he defended and adhered to till he parted with us and moved to the afterlife. Added to this the infrastructure and the great achievements in all fields and throughout the country that will enable us to launch our work strongly and confidently towards a future we all desire.

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim