President Al-Assad: the Warrior against Terrorism (2)

Terrorism is has never been a Syrian Phenomenon; extremist Islamic matrices have characterized this unfortunately international phenomenon. Syria has faced and defeated a frenzy terrorist phenomenon by Moslem Brotherhood gangs by the end of the seventies and beginning of the eighties of the last century. Actually some of those who supported such a frenzy phenomenon are themselves the same now who support the ongoing terrorism against Syrians, particularly some ewes, Jordan and the USA. The Late President Hafez Al-Assad was able to lead the battle of all Syrians against terrorism and to put an end to terrorism against Syrians.

Syria, a secular peaceful country under the only secular leadership in this part of the world, since the beginning of the 21st Century once more has been the target of terrorism. This very terrorism under many forms: occupation, threats, sanctions, derailed the ambitious plans of reforms and modernization, not to mention the heavy losses inflicted on all sectors of Syrian life. The US-made terrorism and Wahabi exported terrorism from dozens of countries mushroomed and escalated. Foolishly, Israel the occupier of the Arab land, embraced, hosted and sponsored by itself this terrorism! Here comes the historic role and leadership of the Syrian Army and its Supreme Commander, President Bashar Hafez Al-Assad, the man who has been defending heroically not only his country, the region but the whole world against terrorism.

H.E. President Bashar Hafez Al-Assad is indeed the world number one man in combating terrorism; he has been in words as well as in deeds leading every effort as to outline, define , combat and eradicate terrorism. Among the points to be highlighted to this effect and for this noble purpose are:

''Terrorism will not be able to break our people's will; and proud Syria will remain the heart of pan-Arabism and the castle of steadfastness. It will regain its health and foil the attempts of haters and conspirators and will again witness their disgraceful defeat.''

''We say that there is a great religion – Islam, and there are terrorists taking cover under Islam. Who should we banish: religion or terrorism? Do we denounce religion or terrorists? Do we fight those who trade in Islam or fight terrorism? The answer is clear: It is not the fault of Islam when there are terrorists who take cover under the mantle of Islam.''

''In cases of war or confrontation, states rearrange their priorities. Our utmost priority now, which is unparalleled by any other priority, is the restoration of the security we have enjoyed for decades, and which has characterized our country, not only in the region but throughout the world. This will only happen by striking these murderous terrorists hard. There is no compromise with terrorism, no compromise with those who use arms to cause chaos and division, no compromise with those who terrorize civilians, no compromise with those who conspire with foreigners against their country and against their people.''

''The battle against terrorism will not be the battle of the state or state institutions alone. It is the battle of all of us. It is a national battle; and it is everyone’s duty to take part in it. “Internal sedition is more grievous that murder”, because it involves dismantling and fragmenting society and ultimately destroying it. This is what we shall not allow in order to keep Syria immune and impregnable.''

''We cannot fight terrorism without fighting chaos, for both of them are linked. This should be clear. Immunity drops when national awareness gets weaker.''

 ''If we go back to the 1970s and 1980s, when the devils’ brothers, who covered themselves with Islam, carried out their terrorist acts in Syria. In the beginning there were many Syrians who were misguided. They believed that they were genuinely defending Islam. They didn’t take any position. When things became clear decisive acts were taken and it was quick when the people stood with the state at that time. Of course the killing and the assassinations went on for six years. We don’t want to wait all that long. Things are clear for all of us. If we stood together and embraced members of the security and other relevant systems, I believe the results will be quick and decisive, because terrorism strikes, and every time it strikes it makes reform more costly and more difficult.''

''The question is a race between the terrorists and reform. Terrorism and those standing behind it don’t want reform and want to reach a stage where we say there is no time for reform. Let’s deal with terrorism. In that case they would have an excuse to ask for intervention in Syria. All of us have recently felt, through television, radio and the internet, that people are worried and upset and all of them are calling for decisive action.''

 ''Of course, this issue is already settled for us because dealing with terrorism must be in the strongest legal means. We are keen of the law because we are keen at same time on the blood of innocent people. We do not want the price of the fight against terrorism to be the blood of innocent people, but the problem is that they began to hit innocent people. Now, the Syrian people are being killed and political belonging has nothing to do with the person killed even if he is an opponent to the state. They are killing the Syrian people; they are punishing the Syrian people because the Syrian people refused to abandon his morals, refused to become a mercenary and refused to sell his conscience. Thus, it was necessary to punish the Syrian people everywhere.''

 '' … terrorism today is much stronger than the period before September 11th….The Arab world has become more vulnerable to such attacks than ever, and if we are more vulnerable the west are also like us." (2010)

''…Wars create only more terrorism and no war can protect the west …What could protect the west truly is the balanced policy, economic growth and helping others in the development, education and culture…In this way we can defeat terrorism, and also through exchanging intelligence information, but definitely not through wars.''

''Therefore, resistance is not terrorism. Terrorism for us is the Israeli practices, policies and intentions toward the Arab people and the peace process.''

 Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim